The Way I See It… (Good & Evil)

Find all additions to this series by clicking here! For this article it would be pretty much impossible not to touch upon religion given as ‘evil’ is a construct more or less rooted in it. As an atheist, I always approach the subject a little tentatively. Not because I fear offending the religious; that doesn’t … Continue reading The Way I See It… (Good & Evil)

Man Up

There are certain choice phrases that really grate on me. The reasons why they may grate on me are varied: overuse, misquotation, mispronunciation, etc. Some people are obsessed with platitudes and they often get my back up. There’s something hollow in a person using a clichéd saying when somebody has asked for their advice or … Continue reading Man Up

Is Social Media Creating Social Anxiety?

I was out and about in my hometown recently doing a little shopping. I noticed a friend I’ve known for rather a long time who appeared to look at me and then head in the opposite direction. As it transpired, I needed to go somewhere that was in the same general direction as where he’d … Continue reading Is Social Media Creating Social Anxiety?

Paul.E.Bailey’s World–A Year on the Blog

A year ago to the day I clicked ‘publish’ on my first official blog post. There had been one other before that; however, that was merely a short introductory post. The first proper one was Shiver Me Timbers…Said No Pirate Ever! where I imparted everyone with a little bit of my knowledge on the subject … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World–A Year on the Blog

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Six Months Later…

Vital Statistics (All accurate at time of writing) Followers: 133 + 3 email followers Overall Hits: 7,922 Most hits in one day: 245 (Sep 6th 2017) Most hits from countries: UK – 5,442; US – 1,773; Australia – 109; India – 99; Nigeria – 64 Most viewed post: Ashton-under-Lyne and the Prodigal Son (468 hits) … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Six Months Later…