Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 10 (Novelist’s Itch)

In the past week or two my inner novelist has been threatening to burst from within me. I’m getting a real massive urge to work on my big project, The Escapades of William Hart, again. The first instalment, Revenge on the Spanish Main, still needs touching up on the terminology front, but I began working on … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 10 (Novelist’s Itch)

Urgent – Job Required!

This couch. So comfy. I must get searching for a job. I'll make myself a coffee. Too warm. Wait for it to cool. Now; this job search. Article about something. I'll read that. Pop a smart-arsed comment on there. My coffee. It's cooled down now. Read this other article while I drink. Comfy, comfy couch! … Continue reading Urgent – Job Required!