Quote Me On It…

Ever since I started blogging I’ve seen a whole host of posts from other bloggers about their favourite quotes. Some are quite inspiring quotes from great thinkers. Most are rather bourgeois ten-a-penny musings that could have been dreamed up by any average IQ layman. That is, of course, my personal perception. One man’s chalk is … Continue reading Quote Me On It…

Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Breaking Bad Review

WARNING: Contains mild spoilers! If there’s one thing I hate it’s people banging on incessantly about TV series that they think I should definitely watch. I’ve had at least one person try to shove every ‘boxset’ series spun out over the last ten-fifteen years down my throat. Lost, Prison Break, 24, Game of Thrones, The … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Breaking Bad Review

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – My 5 Favourite Fictional Heroes

It had to happen. I went the way of the villain last time, so now I suppose it’s natural progression to look at the good guys. After all, there can be no negative without a positive. In general, I find I’m more impressed by the bad guy in any work of fiction. Perhaps that says … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – My 5 Favourite Fictional Heroes

ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 3

A look inside the rucksack confirmed what Ryan had feared: he was out of food. He’d depleted all of what he’d grabbed from the vending machine prior to coming into the office building. It was unavoidable now; he’d have to move on. The fear crept in immediately. How would he even get out of here … Continue reading ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 3

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – My 5 Favourite Fictional Villains

You’ve gotta love a villain! All the best movies, books, television series or whatever else was always made better if the bad guy was…erm, good. The protagonist is always the one you root for, but many a time it’s been the antagonist that’s had me loving whatever it is I’m watching or reading. It might … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – My 5 Favourite Fictional Villains