New Mixcloud Upload–Random House Classics 13 (1987–2005)

Here is the second of seven archived uploads I compiled for my Dalyan Holiday. Incidentally, it's my fiftieth upload to Mixcloud too. Be sure to listen, leave a like, and share. Here's the link to the mix: Random House Classics 13 (1987–2005) And here's the tracklist and timestamp:


I may not yet be ready to return to the writing game (I am trying to reignite the spark, believe me), but I have been bitten by the DJing bug and have started producing mix sessions again. This particular mix (and the next five or six to follow) are sessions I recorded over three years … Continue reading NEW MIXCLOUD UPLOAD–RANDOM HOUSE CLASSICS 12 (1995–2014)

A Lease of Life…?

Hello everyone. As you'll perhaps know from reading recent posts, I appear to be bleeding readers. I don't have many regular ones as it is and they've all but evaporated. My main concern is that they're all okay and that it's for no bad reason they aren't around to read and interact with my posts … Continue reading A Lease of Life…?

My, Oh My, To Be a County Fan…

I start this post at the halftime break during Stockport County’s final game of the regular league season on 27th April 2019. I’m presently sat on the sofa at my mum and dad’s house with my headphones in listening to the commentary (provided by Chris Ridgway and stalwart Jon Keighren on 104.9 Imagine FM) from … Continue reading My, Oh My, To Be a County Fan…

A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story Relaunch

Due to the events surrounding Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day, my schedule was pushed back a bit and this is being posted later than I’d originally intended. Never mind! I got there in the end. As the title suggests, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story: New Black Plague is back home on The Adventures of an Average, … Continue reading A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story Relaunch

Dead End Relaunch!

The first series of stories I published on this blog is back, re-edited and ready to be seen by the world again. Follow the story of Andy Bruce, a father recently estranged from his daughter, as he’s woken in the night by something very unexpected… and very deadly! Can he make it to the two … Continue reading Dead End Relaunch!

Mental Health Awareness Month in October

As some of you may be aware, World Mental Health Day falls on Wednesday 10th October. If you weren’t aware then you are now! As you can probably imagine, there are going to be various events held as attempts to defeat the stigma surrounding mental illness continues. Check Google and I’m sure you’ll find out … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month in October

Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Mixcloud Catch-up

It's been a while since I shared any of my Mixcloud work, so I thought I'd share it all in bulk. I've picked up the pace where my DJing is concerned and started posting more regularly in the last few months. Recently, I finally started compiling some old school funk, soul, and disco sets that, … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Mixcloud Catch-up