Nothing Without Me (Flash Fiction)

Dan sighed. It was about the thirtieth time he’d done so during the twenty minute conversation he’d been having with Melina, his girlfriend. She was going on with herself again. Did she not realise he had better things to do? “You just don’t see it, do you Dan?” “What don’t I see?” “Point proven! You … Continue reading Nothing Without Me (Flash Fiction)

No Apologies

This is just a quick post to announce my effective return to the blogosphere. I’m sure my two, maybe three, regular readers have missed me! As the title states, I have no intention of apologising for the unannounced break. That would imply that I’m sorry and feel guilty for it. Neither of the two apply. … Continue reading No Apologies

Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Nine

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. It felt like every single set of eyes was on him as he walked through the town centre; as though everybody knew that he had a girlfriend and he was going to meet another woman for coffee without her knowledge. What a bad man! Niall saw … Continue reading Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Nine

Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Eight

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. Claire left for the hen party later that evening. She’d be gone for the whole weekend, which left Niall to do whatever he wanted. He’d already half-arranged to go for a few beers with Lewis, who was now married with a daughter. Life had most definitely … Continue reading Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Eight

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – The Magic of Christmas

I know many will be posting today to wish their followers glad tidings and so on and I figured I should throw my weight behind the number. So here it is…MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! I think Christmas is important. I think it’s absolutely vital to be honest. For somebody who is vociferously atheist that may sound … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – The Magic of Christmas

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Fatherhood

No gimmicks in the title of this post. I didn’t feel they were necessary. If you don’t know by now that I’m a dad to a twenty month old boy then you haven’t been reading my blog. So if this is news to you please stop reading this and start again from the beginning. Now! Go! … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Fatherhood