The Last Day Part 1–Haruna

Haruna hadn’t slept. What was the point? He’d sleep enough when he was dead, something he soon would be; something he and the rest of humankind soon would be. Instead of sleeping, he’d taken a cocktail of different drugs and allowed himself to bask in a psychedelic experience. From cocaine to ketamine and a whole … Continue reading The Last Day Part 1–Haruna


I think we all know that group of lads who are or were a bunch of tearaways. It’s pretty much a given that boys will wind up connecting with other boys and, together, find themselves in a host of misadventures. I was no exception to the rule. I met two of my best friends (Andy … Continue reading Shenanigans

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Embrace Thy Kingdom (A Real Life Story)

Title image from Geograph. If you read my previous real life tale, Tea Time, then you’ll know that spontaneity was something of a normalcy amongst my friends and I. Nothing quite hit the spot like venturing to a random place at the last minute in the search of shits and giggles. Expressly because of our … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Embrace Thy Kingdom (A Real Life Story)

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Playing Out

There are many hot topics in the world I could wax lyrical about right now. The conflict in Syria; the conflict between Israel and Palestine; the conflict between whoever else; Brexit…need I go on? So as all of these deeply serious and political things rage on, I feel I should talk about myself. More pertinently, … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Playing Out