RIP Freedom of Expression

I write this piece in the aftermath of a rather sensitive event, but it’s an event that has really triggered me albeit not in the way most people have been triggered. If you live in the UK then you’ll be very aware of the quite shocking fire at Grenfell Tower on 14th June 2017 that … Continue reading RIP Freedom of Expression

Stress–The Archenemy of Mental Wellness

We all experience stress. It’s all around us and it exists in many varying forms. It comes from within and it comes from all around us. Trying to avoid it is like trying to avoid atoms—you can’t! How we deal with that stress is the important thing. Like everything else in life, some people are … Continue reading Stress–The Archenemy of Mental Wellness

Stigma & Mental Health

I’ve written a whole bunch of posts related to mental health over the last few weeks in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Month. This morning, I scheduled the introductory post for Monday 1st October. As I was arranging it, I realised that one post missing from the lot was one themed around stigma, arguably the … Continue reading Stigma & Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month in October

As some of you may be aware, World Mental Health Day falls on Wednesday 10th October. If you weren’t aware then you are now! As you can probably imagine, there are going to be various events held as attempts to defeat the stigma surrounding mental illness continues. Check Google and I’m sure you’ll find out … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month in October

News About Dead End, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story, and The Adventures of an Average, White Man

I have made the decision to remove Dead End and A Survivor's Apocalypse Story from Smashwords, Wattpad, and Amazon with immediate effect. In light of the recent submissions of The Escapades of William Hart: Seas of Vengeance to publishers and agents, I felt it wise to remove the abovementioned titles with a view to re-editing them … Continue reading News About Dead End, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story, and The Adventures of an Average, White Man

Bullshit Detectors in Overdrive

I’m feeling extremely tense and frustrated of late. There’s something off about the world and even more so than usual. I’m hoping that making my thoughts and feelings something physical might help make sense of the sensation. Getting answers to questions is all good and well. What if you don’t even know what the questions … Continue reading Bullshit Detectors in Overdrive

Dead End – Chapter 1: Night Games

I’m not sure why I always do this to myself. To say I’m knackered is an understatement. What time is it? What does it matter? I can’t come off the game while it’s at such a critical point, otherwise I’ll have to start it all again; I won’t get the chance tomorrow as I’ll be … Continue reading Dead End – Chapter 1: Night Games