One Lovely Blog Award

Well blow me down! Your TWO-TIME MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD WINERRRRRRRRRRR has now become a TWO-TIME ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD WINNERRRRRRRRRR also. Combining all awards thus far, that makes me a SIX-TIME BLOG AWARD WINERRRRRRRRRRR!!! Is anybody tiring of my wrestler style introductions of myself yet? Get used to it. Haha. So two of my favourite … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Mystery Blogger Award

I've decided, since I was nominated twice in the same day, to refer to myself as a two-time Mystery Blogger Award winner in the same way a wrestler might refer to themselves as a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. Why? The reason is twofold. Firstly, I like wrestling and have gone beyond the point of being … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award