“You can talk to me”

This is another of my mental health awareness themed posts and focuses on the support offered by friends and loved ones to those who are going through times of mental unrest. Over the months, since I came clean about my mental health problems, the phrase for which this post is titled has been uttered and/or … Continue reading “You can talk to me”

Another Apparition (Poem)

Once again, I was fooled, By the bringer of the light; They held a torch aloft, To brighten up my night. They assured me they were genuine, As they held me in embrace; I allowed the glow to fill my soul; To set smiles upon my face. Little did I realise, They were just like … Continue reading Another Apparition (Poem)

The Beacon (Poem)

The darkness became typical Something I expected The loneliness became normal I no longer felt neglected Entities would appear as allies I’d reach out to touch Draw them in close to me A coveted crutch As I leaned into them I fell The ally was never there Looking up from where I lay The entity … Continue reading The Beacon (Poem)

The Loneliest Man on Ganymede (Flash Fiction)

Richard took a look at his watch. He wasn’t quite sure why as time on the solar system’s largest moon was completely random; at least compared to the uniform timespans on earth. While its seven days and three hours to orbit Jupiter were consistent and unchanging, the sun seemed to appear when and wherever it … Continue reading The Loneliest Man on Ganymede (Flash Fiction)

Find Me a Find – Chapter Eight

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. There was no way Niall could make it into work the next day. His alarm barely woke him, but he managed to bring himself around enough to call the manager and tell them he wouldn’t be in before climbing back into bed and not rising again … Continue reading Find Me a Find – Chapter Eight

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Funeral without a Friend (Short Story)

I take a look at the lines of pews and spy a place, but to be honest I really don’t fancy sitting on that cold, hard wood. Instead, I decide to stand here at the back and watch the service take place from this viewpoint. There’s quiet murmuring all around as they await the emergence … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Funeral without a Friend (Short Story)