Review of Dan Brown’s Inferno

It’s about time, as a writer, that I reviewed the writings of another. I start with one of my favourite novelists and one of the biggest names in literature. Nobody can argue with the success of Dan Brown. He’s achieved what most of us authors could only dream to achieve. Not only does he leave … Continue reading Review of Dan Brown’s Inferno

Living the Dream Part 16 (Work-Life Balance)

It finally happened. After a long, long time of waiting, I recently started my new job. It’s great to finally be back in work after my longest ever stint of unemployment. Having to watch the pennies like a hawk had become somewhat tedious. I’m just over a week into the job and it’s just been … Continue reading Living the Dream Part 16 (Work-Life Balance)

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 5 (Locations)

Welcome to the fifth instalment of the series that takes a deeper look into my story writing and reading ventures past, present and future. I had actually intended to do this one as part four, but decided to run with editing for that one instead. I think it’s a fairly obvious thing to say that … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 5 (Locations)