Weatherman–Chapter One

Drew sat on the train with his head in his hands. The anger consuming him was hard to contain. He’d just got off a phone call to his date that he was en route to meet. The call had been brief. Her parting words before said call was abruptly terminated rang in his ears: “Two … Continue reading Weatherman–Chapter One

Five Things I Hate About Christmas

The old saying goes that there’s nothing as certain as death and taxes. In the modern western world, I think we can add Christmas to that list too. Once you hit October it consumes pretty much everything going forward from there. Weeks and weeks of preparation for one day. As a child, I loved Christmas. … Continue reading Five Things I Hate About Christmas

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – The Magic of Christmas

I know many will be posting today to wish their followers glad tidings and so on and I figured I should throw my weight behind the number. So here it is…MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! I think Christmas is important. I think it’s absolutely vital to be honest. For somebody who is vociferously atheist that may sound … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – The Magic of Christmas