Is Social Media Creating Social Anxiety?

I was out and about in my hometown recently doing a little shopping. I noticed a friend I’ve known for rather a long time who appeared to look at me and then head in the opposite direction. As it transpired, I needed to go somewhere that was in the same general direction as where he’d … Continue reading Is Social Media Creating Social Anxiety?


I think we all know that group of lads who are or were a bunch of tearaways. It’s pretty much a given that boys will wind up connecting with other boys and, together, find themselves in a host of misadventures. I was no exception to the rule. I met two of my best friends (Andy … Continue reading Shenanigans

Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Seven

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. THREE AND A HALF YEARS LATER For a little while, Niall actually managed to make an honest woman of the wildly promiscuous Fiona. After accepting being the other guy for a while, happy not to be in anything too serious, it was Fiona who finally made … Continue reading Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Seven

Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Six

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. Chantelle didn’t respond to the message. Days passed and Niall didn’t hear from her at all in any way. He’d clung onto a vain hope that she might change her mind after a little time to think. It became apparent rather soon that she definitely wasn’t … Continue reading Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty-Six

Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Breaking Bad Review

WARNING: Contains mild spoilers! If there’s one thing I hate it’s people banging on incessantly about TV series that they think I should definitely watch. I’ve had at least one person try to shove every ‘boxset’ series spun out over the last ten-fifteen years down my throat. Lost, Prison Break, 24, Game of Thrones, The … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Breaking Bad Review

Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. Niall and Jenni ended the night somewhat inebriated, though in largely good spirits—aside from a momentary lapse where Niall became melancholy about the fact that Chantelle hadn’t responded to his message. They each fell asleep on the couch cuddled up and, despite their earlier moment, took … Continue reading Find Me a Find–Chapter Twenty

Find Me a Find–Chapter Nineteen

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. “The problem is that you met her on C-MAC. They’re all the same on that stupid site,” Jenni said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Don’t be so judgemental,” Niall chastised. “Chantelle isn’t like all the others on there at all. I wouldn’t have bothered … Continue reading Find Me a Find–Chapter Nineteen

Confidant (Flash Fiction)

Quiet music plays in the background. It’s a self-made compilation of slow funk and soul music with a smattering of jazz-fusion. My ears register that a Donald Byrd track is currently playing, though my attention is primarily drawn the way of the other person in the room who is talking. They’re talking great sense. I … Continue reading Confidant (Flash Fiction)

Find Me a Find – Chapter Seventeen

Catch up with previous chapters by clicking this link. After the night of Chantelle’s birthday, Niall could have been forgiven for thinking that the situation was heading only in the right direction. To him, the connection had intensified and, with it, the feelings. They were a couple in everything but title. As was so commonly … Continue reading Find Me a Find – Chapter Seventeen

Buried Treasure (Poem)

What was it made you want to make land here, my friend, And bury your treasure in these sands? What compelled you to feel these shores offered Such certain security for your ill-gotten gains? This one tiny island surely cannot be dug upon by another, You so vainly assume. The island asked not for your … Continue reading Buried Treasure (Poem)