No Apologies

This is just a quick post to announce my effective return to the blogosphere. I’m sure my two, maybe three, regular readers have missed me! As the title states, I have no intention of apologising for the unannounced break. That would imply that I’m sorry and feel guilty for it. Neither of the two apply. … Continue reading No Apologies

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 10 (Novelist’s Itch)

In the past week or two my inner novelist has been threatening to burst from within me. I’m getting a real massive urge to work on my big project, The Escapades of William Hart, again. The first instalment, Revenge on the Spanish Main, still needs touching up on the terminology front, but I began working on … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 10 (Novelist’s Itch)

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Fatherhood

No gimmicks in the title of this post. I didn’t feel they were necessary. If you don’t know by now that I’m a dad to a twenty month old boy then you haven’t been reading my blog. So if this is news to you please stop reading this and start again from the beginning. Now! Go! … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Fatherhood