Weatherman–Chapter Two

Catch up with Chapter One by clicking this link There followed the sound of clicking fingers—then nothing. “Well?” asked Drew. “Well what?” “Are you, y’know, granting my wish?” “It has been done!” “What? Really? Is that it? Just a click of your fingers? No whooshing magical sounds or flamboyant lighting like when you came out … Continue reading Weatherman–Chapter Two

Weatherman–Chapter One

Drew sat on the train with his head in his hands. The anger consuming him was hard to contain. He’d just got off a phone call to his date that he was en route to meet. The call had been brief. Her parting words before said call was abruptly terminated rang in his ears: “Two … Continue reading Weatherman–Chapter One

The Loneliest Man on Ganymede (Flash Fiction)

Richard took a look at his watch. He wasn’t quite sure why as time on the solar system’s largest moon was completely random; at least compared to the uniform timespans on earth. While its seven days and three hours to orbit Jupiter were consistent and unchanging, the sun seemed to appear when and wherever it … Continue reading The Loneliest Man on Ganymede (Flash Fiction)