Dead End Relaunch!

The first series of stories I published on this blog is back, re-edited and ready to be seen by the world again. Follow the story of Andy Bruce, a father recently estranged from his daughter, as he’s woken in the night by something very unexpected… and very deadly! Can he make it to the two … Continue reading Dead End Relaunch!

Living the Dream Part 21 (Writing Is My Coping Technique)

I’m tying in this series to Mental Health Awareness Month as I feel the two are quite substantially linked. This series has always predominantly been about my writing and offering an update on how it’s going. In this edition, I’ll talk about why I write. The reason only became clear to me once I was … Continue reading Living the Dream Part 21 (Writing Is My Coping Technique)

Eyes on Her (Flash Fiction)

Check out the first story, Eyes on Me, by clicking the link. I see her again. She’s on the dancefloor now with her two friends. They’re both very pretty girls. At least they would be if not for the trowelled-on makeup and fake hair. That really doesn’t do anything for me. That’s exactly why the … Continue reading Eyes on Her (Flash Fiction)

ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 11

Jay believed Ryan. It turned out he’d been suspicious of Mel’s motives all along but had been reluctant to speak out in case it came back on him. “Pretty sweet that you’re gettin’ sex out of the whole thing. I thought you were keen on Georgina though? Isn’t that the reason for you doin’ all … Continue reading ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 11

ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 7

“What’s going on?” Georgina asked in a breathy whisper, in a way glad of the distraction.“Might be a checkpoint,” Ryan conjectured.They all went quiet again and listened. The words “Just fucking move or you’ll be shot” could be heard quite clearly. This was no checkpoint; somebody was blocking the road.All of a sudden, gunshots rang … Continue reading ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 7

ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 6

The banging from up the stairs made Ryan cringe. He stopped looking through the cupboards and made his way out of the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs. “Harry! Stop making so much fucking noise!” he rasped through gritted teeth.“Sorry, Ry,” Harry responded quietly from one of the bedrooms.Ryan shook his head. For almost … Continue reading ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 6

ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 4

Ryan was ready to go. He’d done his best to draw the lurchers out of the lobby and from the surrounding streets to the entrance of the office building by throwing various objects from the roof and making as much noise as he could. It had worked; the hordes had grown in size. That would … Continue reading ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 4

ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 3

A look inside the rucksack confirmed what Ryan had feared: he was out of food. He’d depleted all of what he’d grabbed from the vending machine prior to coming into the office building. It was unavoidable now; he’d have to move on. The fear crept in immediately. How would he even get out of here … Continue reading ASAS: New Black Plague–Chapter 3

Dead End – Chapter 3: The Dark Night

Catch up with all previous chapters by clicking the appropriate link: Chapter 1: Night Games; Chapter 2: Rude Awakening Up and over this fence and I’m into somebody’s back garden. I have no idea whose garden it is; if these people dressed all in black are following the method they’ve used up to now then … Continue reading Dead End – Chapter 3: The Dark Night

Dead End – Chapter 2: Rude Awakening

Catch up with Chapter 1: Night Games now! What the hell was that? I wake with a start to a very familiar sound, and yet it’s completely out of place. Am I still asleep? It’s still dark. I can’t have been asleep for long and a quick look at my phone tells me I haven’t. … Continue reading Dead End – Chapter 2: Rude Awakening