Balance (Flash Fiction)

She thought she had it all worked out. The good, hard-working, well-off man was the perfect meal ticket. The fact that the innocent seed growing within her had been planted by another less desirable sort was of no consequence to her, nor him for that matter. They had carried on regardless, both reaping the benefits … Continue reading Balance (Flash Fiction)

A Road’s Long Journey (Flash Fiction)

The road came into existence a long time ago. It was made to assist travellers from one town to another a few miles away. Horses and carts would trundle back and forth along it transporting their wares and the feet of many people trod upon it. It was nothing more than a wide mud track … Continue reading A Road’s Long Journey (Flash Fiction)

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Driven to Insanity

For over ten years I’ve had the ‘privilege’ to be able to legally drive on Great Britain’s roads (not that I ever did it illegally to clear that up). When we start our lessons we’re given the pep talks that driving presents us with a level of freedom that we simply have no conception of … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Driven to Insanity