Buried Treasure (Poem)

What was it made you want to make land here, my friend, And bury your treasure in these sands? What compelled you to feel these shores offered Such certain security for your ill-gotten gains? This one tiny island surely cannot be dug upon by another, You so vainly assume. The island asked not for your … Continue reading Buried Treasure (Poem)

Shiver Me Timbers… Said No Pirate Ever!

“Why are pirates called pirates? ‘Cause they aaaaarrrrr!” No they don’t. They never did neither! I’m into a lot of weird and wonderful things and one of those things is pirates. I like pirates so much that I have a skull and crossbones keyring I’ve owned for perhaps over a decade. I’ve even written a … Continue reading Shiver Me Timbers… Said No Pirate Ever!