Review of Lucy Brazier’s Who Shot Tony Blair?

I’m really excited to be sitting down and writing this review because it gives me a great buzz to be reviewing the work of an indie author, fellow blogger, and friend. Yes, Lucy Brazier is one of many wonderful people I’ve happened across on my blogging travels (be sure to catch her excellent blog, Secret … Continue reading Review of Lucy Brazier’s Who Shot Tony Blair?

A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story Relaunch

Due to the events surrounding Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day, my schedule was pushed back a bit and this is being posted later than I’d originally intended. Never mind! I got there in the end. As the title suggests, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story: New Black Plague is back home on The Adventures of an Average, … Continue reading A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story Relaunch

Living the Dream Part 15 (Easily Distracted or Nervous Procrastinating?)

I’ve fallen behind again where my writing is concerned. I haven’t done nearly enough of it of late. Worse still, when I am doing it I’m not working on the one project that should be getting my undivided attention. I’ve also buggered up a bit. I promised myself that, after the last edit of Revenge … Continue reading Living the Dream Part 15 (Easily Distracted or Nervous Procrastinating?)

A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story now available as an eBook!

First of all, apologies for my break in posting lately. I've been busy combining playing Assassin's Creed 2 on PS4 and Football Manager on my laptop. It's not easy to do both at the same time but I've been managing it. Oh, I've also been working on editing A Survivor's Apocalypse Story to release as … Continue reading A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story now available as an eBook!

Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Reviewing the Reviewer

Our dear friend, the internet— the gift that keeps on giving—makes virtually (no pun intended) everything possible these days. Want to order takeaway? Go on the internet. Need some shopping? Go on the internet. Missed that TV show you badly wanted to see? Go on the internet. Feeling a little horny? You get the picture. … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World–Reviewing the Reviewer

An Update on My Break…

Hello dear readers. Apologies for the silence as my break continues. This is a quick update to let you all know where I'm at and what you can expect in the coming weeks. I haven't done much writing over the past weeks, but that isn't to say that I haven't been working on my writing. I've … Continue reading An Update on My Break…

Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Drop the Break…

Hello there my faithful followers and readers. I hope you’re all well and that you’re each having a pleasant Easter. Have you ever had a head of steam? Have you ever been so enthusiastic about something that it becomes all you think about and all you wish to put any effort into? I have. That’s … Continue reading Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Drop the Break…

Dead End now available for FREE on

I interrupt usual programming by bringing you news about my first long running story here on Paul.E.Bailey’s World. Some of you may remember that I used Dead End as a dummy run to publish on last year. It didn’t go too well and sold only two copies. I expected no less as I didn’t … Continue reading Dead End now available for FREE on