ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Seven

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Six. It took Ryan all of a second after leaving Sharkey’s place to decide that he was going to visit Georgina and the scientists. He had to see for himself the suffering she was enduring and felt bad for the fact he hadn’t been to see her … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Seven

ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Six

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Five. The conversation Ryan had just had with Shaz resounded in his head as he walked in the direction of Sharkey’s abode. It had been a morning just like any other that had taken place over the last couple of months: acrobatic sex; a wash; a light … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Six

ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Five

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Four. “Duck, Shaz!” Ryan yelled as he swung his 7 iron, narrowly missing the young woman’s head and removing half of an approaching lurcher’s instead. Shaz looked up at Ryan. “Thanks!” “Don’t thank me yet; we need to get out of here alive first!” Another lurcher entered … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Five

ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Four

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Three. The stay at the house didn’t last much longer. Everyone was soon in a vehicle and heading towards the town down the hill. When they arrived, it became clear that Sharkey hadn’t exaggerated about the amount of men at his disposal. While the large town wasn’t … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Four

ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Three

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Two. Sharkey quickly introduced both Ryan and Kas to the other of his men who were present and then sat them down in the same room that he’d spoken to Ryan earlier. “You’ve made your choice boys. I think it’s the best one goin’ forwards.” “I’ve … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Three

ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Two

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Chapter One. There were expectant looks as Ryan walked through the room in which his incarcerated group were holed up. He took his seat on the ground next to Georgina and gave her a kiss on the lips with a reassuring smile. “Well?” Jay asked after several … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter Two

ASAS: Consequence–Chapter One

Click the link to catch up with ASAS: Consequence–Prologue. Ryan was shoved into a room upstairs by the lackey he’d just spoken to through the door. It was a study of some kind; whoever had owned this property prior to the spread of NBP had been financially comfortable to say the least. Sharkey sat in a … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Chapter One

ASAS: Consequence–Prologue

Click the link to catch up with Part One, New Black Plague. Click the link to catch up with Part Two, Survival of the Fittest. Sleep had engulfed most of the group, now incarcerated in the dining room of the large house. Some simply couldn’t sleep. They were too terrified about what their immediate future … Continue reading ASAS: Consequence–Prologue

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In the meantime, catch up with part one, New Black Plague, and part two, Survival of the Fittest, by clicking on the appropriate link.

Five Enduring Christmas Memories

Each year I’ve been blogging so far, I’ve taken the time to do two things: a Christmas themed piece of flash fiction and a Christmas themed non-fiction post. Unfortunately, the former hasn’t transpired this year. I won’t lie: I haven’t even tried brainstorming any ideas for it. Do I feel bad for it? No, not … Continue reading Five Enduring Christmas Memories