Thirty-Five and Counting

So, here I am again. Another year older and wiser. By the time this auto-posts, I should be hungover and getting myself ready for round two of my celebratory birthday drinking sessions. There seems to be this fear people hold in reserve when it comes to growing older. They fear the aging process because age … Continue reading Thirty-Five and Counting

Release (Poem/SOC)

It felt good. It felt right. To have you in my corner, Fighting with me, Gave me the strength to go on. Did you grow weary? Was my load too heavy? Was it too much? Was I too much? Whatever the reason, You seem to have gone now. No more do you ride with me. … Continue reading Release (Poem/SOC)

The Way I See It… (Monogamy)

Find all additions to this series by clicking here! I approach this topic with a hint of caution as many people I know and am very close to are married or in committed relationships. That said, all I can and will do throughout this series is offer my honest opinion and hope that people can … Continue reading The Way I See It… (Monogamy)

Living the Dream Part 25 (Here We Go Again!)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What have I done? Someone should put me on a procrastination ban!Whilst sat at work, I was passively thinking about my novel, Seas of Vengeance, and, out of absolutely nowhere, thought to myself, “Hey, I think this story arc would work better than the existing one”. On my lunch … Continue reading Living the Dream Part 25 (Here We Go Again!)

The Way I See It… (Love)

Find all additions to this series by clicking here! Love is something we all have an opinion on in one way or another. The opinion is most always swayed by experiences in love and you’ll always hear a different definition from person to person. Objectively, what is love? To me, it’s an overwhelming mental and … Continue reading The Way I See It… (Love)

Morning (Poem/SOC)

A vibration accompanies a beautiful piano riff. OFF!!! The sound of chirpy twats; Reflections of that big, yellow bastard peeking through the curtains. Time to get up and dressed. My hopes of sleeping forever are again thwarted. Quick! Get dressed. Downstairs to break my fast. I envisage a better life as I await the ping … Continue reading Morning (Poem/SOC)

The Way I See It… (Beauty)

Find all additions to this series by clicking here!   In my never-ending quest to make sense of a nonsensical world, this is the first post in what will be a series where I try to make logical and emotional sense of things that are viewed in myriad ways throughout the world. The topic of … Continue reading The Way I See It… (Beauty)

A Mother’s Love (Flash Fiction)

The butter had softened sufficiently for Vera to spread it with ease across the four slices of nutty brown bread she’d set out on the chopping board. Buttering complete, she laid out the ham pieces she’d cut off the shank onto two of the slices. A rhythmic knocking disturbed her from her sandwich-making practice. “Shut … Continue reading A Mother’s Love (Flash Fiction)

ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Twelve

Ryan’s eyes snapped open. The noise was very familiar, yet extremely foreign. He climbed from bed and approached the window then just as quickly ducked as he did and made his way back over to the bed. “George! George! Wake up,” he whispered whilst gently shaking her. She stirred and shot him a disapproving look … Continue reading ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Twelve

Ill Prepared

This is just a quick post to let you all know that, due to suffering from sinusitis since Thursday last week, having spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday in hospital with a poorly Caellum, and preparing for Caellum's fourth birthday yesterday, I haven't had the time to arrange a proper post for today. I … Continue reading Ill Prepared