One Last Hit…..Spring Writing Event

Colin – The Scottish Legend recently shared my flash fiction story in his Spring Writing Event. The idea for the story was completely off the cuff with no great forethought put in. I just let the words flow. Have a read and see what you think. Big thanks to Colin for sharing.

Welcome to my world.

wp-148762147707917[This story was written by Paul E bailey. its a short one but fitting and enjoyable hope you enjoy it]

As is my usual custom, I knock upon the door to ensure that nobody is inside. There never is because that would be extremely poor planning on the part of my employer, but one can never be too careful in this line of work. In twenty-five years, seven months, one week and four days in this job there have never been hiccups to cause me problems, and I have never failed in my task.

What is my job? That’s simultaneously very easy to answer and extremely complex. I’m a hitman. I kill people. It’s not a job I yearned to have or anything. I fell into it by accident. I learned how to use ranged firearms in the army, and I was by far the best in my regiment…

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Friends or aquaintances ?

Steven is at it again with a third great piece. The subject is Friends and acquaintances as he picks apart the difference between the two. Definitely one to get the cogs turning…

Just a few words about ....

What is the difference betweeen a friend or an acquaintance ? Everybody has a different opinion regarding this and I’m sure there have been and will continue to be big discussions on this subject.

The definition of acquaintance is – a person one knows slightly but who is not a close friend.

So, can a person be an acquaintance and a friennd at the same time ?
We spend the majority of our adult lives in work, so therefore our work colleagues are perhaps the people we see most of during our lives. These people start as aquaintances..You acknowledge each other, you form a relationship and begin to talk to each other.

Let me ask you a question at this point. At what point during your chats do stop being aquaintances start to become friends ?

Is this all to do with trust? During your talks, by keeping things to…

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My most memorable date, what happened next.  

Here is the second instalment of this fascinating blog. Be sure to follow the link itself and like the post I’ve reblogged as well. It deserves a hatful of likes in my opinion

Just a few words about ....

Okay readers, this is a follow up to my first blog.

It has a more serious tone than the first.

The date is 22 June 1982 and I’m in one of the children’s wards at Pendlebury Childrens Hospital. This is the day the tests begin. To be honest the day went with a bit of a blur. So much going on.

Blood tests, X-rays and lots of photographs were taken. The photographs were a little strange to pose for. First they took shots of my fingers. Apparently, the ends of my fingers are a little bulbous and the doctors thought it was a little strange. So lots of photographs of my fingers. Next, they were interested in a vein that was showing through my chest and stomach. I had not noticed that before so was a little bit of a shock to me. I was then taken to Christies to…

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The one day you remember for the rest of your life

Here is the first blog post from a very good friend of mine as he tells us all about his most memorable day. A very good and honest account of a very difficult situation…

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Everybody members certain events. Everyone of a certain age can recall where they where when Martin Luther King or John F Kennedy were shot. Younger people could remember where they watched the 1979 cup final between Manchester United and Arsenal. Even younger people may remember what they were doing when they heard about Princess Diana’s death or the events of 9 11.

My question to you then is, what one day of your life do you remember and why ?

Let me tell you about my memorable date. 21st June 1982. The summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Believe me, that day was the longest day of my life and would change the way I looked and approached the rest of my life.

First though a little background of who Steven Taylor, the year is 1981 aged 12 year old. I was a very energetic boy. I was…

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Dreams, Reality, Opinion…

heart + want = dreams mind + need = reality soul + support = opinion via CHAOS CHAOS and CHAOS — Ankit maharishi