Tooth & Law (Flash Fiction)

Officer Jim Mulhern crept along with his weapon drawn. No matter how quiet he attempted to be, the sound of crunching leaves and twigs was unavoidable. His partner, Darnell Frost, was having the same issue. “We know you’re out here,” Frost called. “All we want is to ask you a couple of questions.” Mulhern was … Continue reading Tooth & Law (Flash Fiction)

Release (Poem/SOC)

It felt good. It felt right. To have you in my corner, Fighting with me, Gave me the strength to go on. Did you grow weary? Was my load too heavy? Was it too much? Was I too much? Whatever the reason, You seem to have gone now. No more do you ride with me. … Continue reading Release (Poem/SOC)

Morning (Poem/SOC)

A vibration accompanies a beautiful piano riff. OFF!!! The sound of chirpy twats; Reflections of that big, yellow bastard peeking through the curtains. Time to get up and dressed. My hopes of sleeping forever are again thwarted. Quick! Get dressed. Downstairs to break my fast. I envisage a better life as I await the ping … Continue reading Morning (Poem/SOC)

A Mother’s Love (Flash Fiction)

The butter had softened sufficiently for Vera to spread it with ease across the four slices of nutty brown bread she’d set out on the chopping board. Buttering complete, she laid out the ham pieces she’d cut off the shank onto two of the slices. A rhythmic knocking disturbed her from her sandwich-making practice. “Shut … Continue reading A Mother’s Love (Flash Fiction)

ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Twelve

Ryan’s eyes snapped open. The noise was very familiar, yet extremely foreign. He climbed from bed and approached the window then just as quickly ducked as he did and made his way back over to the bed. “George! George! Wake up,” he whispered whilst gently shaking her. She stirred and shot him a disapproving look … Continue reading ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Twelve

ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Eleven

It was well into the small hours of the morning before the truck came to a stop. Kas was too exhausted to carry on driving. Jay thought about taking over from him, but instead decided on everyone resting up. They happened across a large house on a hill about a mile away from a sizeable … Continue reading ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Eleven

ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Ten

Leaving the town had proven easier than any of them could have hoped. The truck was a heavy, cumbersome thing; it had no problem in flattening any lurcher that stood in its path. Within a matter of minutes they were out onto clear roads. Darkness quickly fell. Ryan stared out of the window and looked … Continue reading ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Ten

Best Friends’ Wedding (Flash Fiction)

We met in primary school. I didn’t like her at first. I can’t recall exactly why now it was so long ago, I just know that I didn’t. The dislike didn’t last long. We began to talk one day in class and became bosom buddies in the space of one afternoon. That friendship endured throughout … Continue reading Best Friends’ Wedding (Flash Fiction)

ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Nine

The message was passed to all that they’d be on the move soon. There were protests, as was expected; however, nobody was going to argue with the fact that staying was simply untenable if the town was about to be reclaimed by the undead. Jay confirmed that they’d be leaving around sunrise the next day … Continue reading ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Nine

ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Eight

It was extremely fortunate that Ryan and Kas recognised the path they’d walked along a few days earlier. An orienteering sign with a gnarled tree trunk stump nearby was the giveaway. From that point they knew the town was only an hour’s walk away or so. The number of lurchers had reduced greatly since Ryan’s … Continue reading ASAS: Survival of the Fittest–Chapter Eight