Thank you for popping along to see what this blog is all about.

My name is Paul. I’m a thirty-something dad to a beautiful son (no bias, honestly!) and my passion, my dream, above all else, is writing. I’ve been writing stories since I was twelve years old and, despite the occasional break, it’s something I’ve never tired of doing. I recently started submitting my proudest literary work to date, Seas of Vengeance (the first in a planned series called The Escapades of William Hart), to publishers and agents. I’m yet to receive a positive response—not including vanity publishers!—but I remain confident I eventually will.

This blog is a collection of articles, reviews, rants, flash fiction, on-running novelettes, and the occasional hint of poetry with no solid theme. I’m not trying to sell anything, promote products (apart from my own work and free publicity for friends), or amass a big following by posting trite nonsense. I’m here to write and read the writings of others. I don’t see this as another social media outlet.

Along with writing, I’m also a big fan of music and enjoy DJing when I get the chance. I post a lot of my mixes on Mixcloud. If you’re interested in hearing my stuff just click here.

I hail from the Lancashire town of Ashton-under-Lyne, a fifteen minute drive east from Manchester (on a good day) and very close to the Pennine hill range. Before you ask, I support neither Manchester United nor City! I have a yearning to travel and see the world. At the top of my list of destinations are Italy (all of it), The Bahamas (all of them), Istanbul, Hawaaii (to visit the observatories atop Mauna Kea), and a grand tour of the Caribbean (aside from The Bahamas). Anybody giving away free trips to any of those places please get in touch.

And that’s me in a nutshell. If you want to learn more then please read through the blog. You’ll discover plenty as you go on…