New Mixcloud Upload: Random House Classics 18 (1995 – 2003)

So, I haven’t veered away from my random house yet. I make no apologies for this given that house music is my musical lifeblood, but I assure you I’ll be branching out soon. At least I’ve changed the colour scheme for the tracklist from boring black-on-white to scary red-on-black. Oooooh!

It’s just the usual mishmash of housey goodness this one really. There’s a wee tribute to the legendary DJ Tonka in the middle of it all, though I do eventually plan on doing a Tonka tribute mix in general at some point. Other notable artists include Basement Jaxx, Blaze, Lovestation, and Bini & Martini.

I’ll take this opportunity to say happy new year and I hope all my readers/listeners have a great 2022 after what has been an abject past couple of years for most. Look after yourselves and see you soon!

Here’s the link to the mix: Random House Classics 18 (1995–2003)

And here’s the tracklist and timestamp:

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