New Mixcloud Upload–Random House Classics 16 (1993–2006)

Here we have the final archived session from summer 2018. From here, it’s all newer, more recent stuff. Well, the sets will be. The music will always be a bit on the older side because recent music generally sucks balls!

So, it’s random house yet again. Am I biased towards house music? If you haven’t worked out that I am by now then you obviously haven’t paid an iota of attention to me. This session isn’t as laden with chart busting stuff like Random House Classics 15 was, but there are still a few large, more commercially recognisable ones contained within, such as Soulsearcher’s ‘Can’t Get Enough’, Bamboo’s ‘Bamboogie’, and Mighty Dub Kats’ ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. That’s why I call these sessions what I call them. I like to mix the recognisable with lesser known stuff. That’s how we discover things, people!

As I say, after this, it’ll be onto fresh stuff, so keep an eye out for future posts. A big thank you to all who’ve been tuning in so far.

Here’s the link to the mix: Random House Classics 16 (1993–2006)

And here’s the tracklist and timestamp to keep you up to speed with what track is playing when:

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