A Lease of Life…?

Hello everyone.

As you’ll perhaps know from reading recent posts, I appear to be bleeding readers. I don’t have many regular ones as it is and they’ve all but evaporated. My main concern is that they’re all okay and that it’s for no bad reason they aren’t around to read and interact with my posts anymore.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to try and reach out to a broader audience by composing a variation of posts that display a single photograph taken by myself and a brief explanation. We all like visual aids (and most of us are quite nosy), so the chance to get a deeper look into my life will surely meet with the approval of most of you. To aid this, I’ll be setting up a Pinterest account in due course. I’ll provide a link to my profile once it’s done.

Naturally, I’ll be continuing with my more wordy posts too. The good thing about this is that it affords me the opportunity to take more time to prepare such posts and work on my novel rewrite unimpeded.

I guess all there is to say from this point is look out for my new material, which has the running title ‘Real Life’. See you shortly!

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