The Way I See It… (The ‘Status Quo’)

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Before I begin, I’d like to include the disclaimer that this is not an article about the rock band of the same name.

So, now we’ve deduced that I shan’t be offering my views on such songs as ‘Come on You Reds’ and ‘Whatever You Want’, I’ll get to what this article is really about. The term ‘status quo’ is a Latin phrase (shocker!) that simply means ‘the present state of things’. Often, it’s used to express an ideal or belief that is current and therefore accepted by most as correct, usually in a political sense.

To me, it’s a term that represents something dangerous: an unwillingness to fact-find and research things. I think most people accept the status quo because they’re told to and have neither the patience nor wherewithal to discover for themselves whether it’s actually right or not. You’d think, given that the status quo for most things has changed several times in just a few thousand years, that people would be a little more sceptical about it. It would seem apparently not.

One thing that never ceases to aggravate me is the commonly held belief that everyday folk don’t possess the power to change anything in terms of rule, law, etc., and should just go along with what the powers-that-be tell us to. It’s thanks to these people that the overwhelming majority of humans—over ninety-nine percent—are stuck in a rut and trying their best to live off virtually nothing and being made to work damned hard for the paltry scraps they’re thrown, even show appreciation for them. There’s hardly any anger being aimed at the ones at the top who have the resources to end world poverty and choose not to.

The status quo is utter nonsense! We all have the right… no; we have the duty to question it. We have the duty to point a finger at the insanely wealthy and demand to know why they should have so much surplus money and assets at their disposal, most of which they likely don’t use, when there are poor wretches dying because they can’t find food or shelter. We have the duty to ask why charities are asking the poor to feel bad about the little they have and to give some of it to the even poorer when there are magnates out there who could provide infinitely more than the entire working class put together can.

Instead, we all sit in our little bubbles, trying not to pop our heads too far above the parapet, and hide behind the lame excuse that we don’t have what it takes to change things. It doesn’t take a genius to see that society’s apathy is what the rich and greedy are relying on.

Let’s take a recent example in Britain where MPs, despite having run this country more or less into the ground and completely botched Britain’s exit from Europe, have been given a very handsome pay rise. I’m talking between ten and twenty percent. Sure, there have been posts on social media about how unfair it is, but there are more posts on social media about funny things cats do than that. The opposers might as well have said nothing! While your generic British worker has had austerity forced upon it in recent years, and the rise in pay has fallen pathetically short of the rate of inflation, where are the protests about the absolute piss-take that is MPs getting a massive pay rise? Proper protests? Why aren’t we marching on Westminster demanding answers of these people who allegedly work for us!?

Oh, that’s it: we’re all too scared of losing our jobs and barely-stable ways of life to make a proper stand. How stupid of me…

And this, dear readers, is why the status quo is a dangerous thing. This is why the status quo should never, ever be accepted, at least not until there’s a measure of parity. This is more than about just rich and poor; it’s about life and death. It’s about fairness and equality. I don’t care about whether people are black, white, brown, yellow, or green! I don’t care about whether people are straight, gay, bi, transgendered, or gender neutral. I care about the fact that the status quo planetwide is killing innocent people and keeping bad people alive. I care about the fact that humankind isn’t doing what it should be doing to ensure progression for the many and not just the few.

Do we really not see that this agenda of offence in recent years is a red herring? A modern take on the age-old adage of divide and conquer? There are split opinions on everything: skin colour; religious views; nationality; sexual preference; gender; the list goes on. There’s a reason opinion is so split and remains that way. We’re all too blind to see that propaganda is issued daily to keep the public at loggerheads with one another and we all readily hop on for the ride.

Apathy towards the people that we know are pulling the strings and adhering to the status quo will ultimately prove to be the downfall of us all. While we’re all too busy giving our attention to the bread and circus act, for example, TV, phones, computers, football, etc., the little changes to the status quo that our leaders are making are having a phenomenal impact and we can’t see it, yet we still go along with it. At what point do we say, “Enough is enough”? The longer it goes on the closer we’re creeping to a dystopia of total law enforcement and policing of thoughts. Do you really think Orwell was just writing 1984 and Animal Farm for the fun of it? Even back then, he could see what was coming.

Of course, I expect nothing to come of me writing this. I expect people to read it, perhaps agree that there’s something amiss, and then just get on with things as normal, as ‘status quo’. There is absolutely no chance of society realising the power it potentially has because, let’s face it, everyone is far too scared of facing down pain and/or death. We’re doomed to forever live by the status quo and sleepwalk into a world where things like the freedom of thought, expression, and choice are mere memories. Let’s hope the asteroid hits before we reach that point, eh?

3 thoughts on “The Way I See It… (The ‘Status Quo’)

  1. Indeed, and the biggest problem humanity has. Just accept things, while complaining about it, doesn’t change anything. Change comes with action, and people rising up together to make sure the right things get done. But, like you say, people don’t do this.

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    1. Check out my article coming later today. It’s kind of a follow-on to this. It’ll be my last one for a bit too as I’m knocking the blog on its head for a while to concentrate on my novel.

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