Another Apparition (Poem)

Once again, I was fooled,
By the bringer of the light;
They held a torch aloft,
To brighten up my night.

They assured me they were genuine,
As they held me in embrace;
I allowed the glow to fill my soul;
To set smiles upon my face.

Little did I realise,
They were just like all before;
Another fading apparition,
Has me sprawled upon the floor.

One more time, I lift myself,
Wearily to my knees;
The darkness has returned;
Yes, it was yet another tease.

They promised they were my beacon,
And, like a fool, I believed;
Left high and dry yet again,
With no sign of a reprieve.

I sit alone in the dark once more;
My ears can hear no sound;
There is nothing solid nearby,
Except for this sodden ground.

I lay myself upon it;
It’s cold and soft to touch;
I thought that beacon had really been real;
I wish it had so much!

So, I’m back to what I used to be,
An untrusting, cynical man;
No more will an apparition be let in,
Well, at least that is my plan…

15 thoughts on “Another Apparition (Poem)

  1. Whoa. Your poetry is so beautifully written.. everything is expressed just right. Dark, sad, yet, speaking from a place of hurt I believe we’ve all experienced. I aspire to have this type of knack when penning poems.

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      1. I could definitely feel the emotion behind it. It was palpable in this piece. I am sorry as always for the low place you were in leading up to Christmas. I don’t generally like pointing out silver linings in dark situations, but I must say that the writing that has been born out of your dark times is truly beautiful.

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