Balance (Flash Fiction)

She thought she had it all worked out. The good, hard-working, well-off man was the perfect meal ticket. The fact that the innocent seed growing within her had been planted by another less desirable sort was of no consequence to her, nor him for that matter. They had carried on regardless, both reaping the benefits of the good man’s virtue whilst carrying on their sordid behaviour sans his knowledge. The only crime the duped man had committed was gullibility.

The plan was fool proof: she would allow him to think he had her in mind, body, and soul and that their family unit was the perfect set-up. He would never know it literally was the perfect set-up! He’d provide healthily for them and raise the child well; she’d continue to live her dirty lie with the man who’d really sired her child.

Except that wouldn’t happen.

Another was privy to the plan—and she wasn’t happy about it. She could have told the good man what was happening, but that wouldn’t have been as fun as running the lying bitch over whilst driving at forty-five miles an hour and then reversing over her for good measure. The seed within might not have deserved the fate of never experiencing life; better that than being raised by an evil woman and lied to about who its real father was! She’ll tell the good man the truth one day. For now, balance is restored.

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