A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story Relaunch

Due to the events surrounding Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day, my schedule was pushed back a bit and this is being posted later than I’d originally intended. Never mind! I got there in the end.

As the title suggests, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story: New Black Plague is back home on The Adventures of an Average, White Man. Although it was downloaded a decent number of times off Smashwords, its release as an eBook wasn’t terribly successful.

Never one to be beaten easily, I retracted it from Smashwords, Wattpad, and Amazon and got to editing. The story reads more or less the same, but it’s had some of the fat trimmed off and necessary additions/subtractions made.

Its relaunch is the precursor to A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story Part Two: Survival of the Fittest, which has been ready to go for a while and shall be presented to you all very soon. I’m hoping it’ll be the middle of December barring any issues.

For now, reacquaint yourself with Ryan Lloyd as he meets the genetically mutated New Black Plague head on and tries to find a way to survive in a dystopia that is half-militaristic, half-zombie infested, and fully deadly! In order to survive, he’ll need to cooperate with others; not easy for a self-confessed narcissist whose only loyalty lies within himself.

Find links to all chapters here:

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Thanks for your continued support and for giving me the confidence to continue forging my path as a writer and author. You have no idea how much you keep me going!

A million thanks again to Kira Scribbled for birthing the idea. This, after all, was a story created around the model she used for her own Just Another Apocalypse Diary. Be sure to read all of her stuff if you haven’t already. Talent like hers is extremely rare.

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