Dead End Relaunch!

The first series of stories I published on this blog is back, re-edited and ready to be seen by the world again.

Follow the story of Andy Bruce, a father recently estranged from his daughter, as he’s woken in the night by something very unexpected… and very deadly! Can he make it to the two people he loves most in the world before it’s too late?

As opposed to reblogging every chapter, I’ve fashioned this one to put all the links in one place, as follows:

Chapter One: Night Games

Chapter Two: Rude Awakening

Chapter Three: The Dark Night

Chapter Four: Valley of the Shadows

Chapter Five: Let There Be Light

I hope you enjoy reading Dead End (or re-reading if you caught it the first time around on here or downloaded the eBook from either Smashwords, Wattpad, or Amazon) and your comments and feedback are, as always, very welcome.

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