Give Up (Poem)

If the shoe simply doesn’t fit…
Try on another pair.

If they don’t care about you…
Tell me, why should you care?

If you’re swimming against the current…
Maybe you can’t resist.

If it’s dragging you downstream…
Perhaps you should desist.

If the odds are strong against…
It’s not always wise to fight.

If you think it might be wrong…
Then maybe it isn’t right.

If you carefully pick your battles…
You’ll win those worth contesting.

If we all occasionally gave up…
Our minds might stop protesting.

21 thoughts on “Give Up (Poem)

  1. It’s sounds so much like something I would like to have written myself. Absolutely true! Why try so hard when maybe just maybe it wasn’t meant to be! It doesn’t mean you are a pushover, it’s just that we should start paying attention to where our hearts are leading us.

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      1. 😆😄💥💫 I read a ridiculous blog earlier from a Catholic guy claiming yoga is part of Satanism and vinyasa summons up evil spirits from the devil. And they call that a credible belief system??! Wtaf!

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      2. Exactly! They’re a joke! Religion in general is a joke. Credit to those who actually use it for the power of good and to better themselves, but the whole lot of it is absolute nonsense in my opinion.


      3. Yes.. religion cam be used in a really positive way…but it can also be used to justify abhorrent behaviour which runs completely counter to morals and social norms.


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