Bear with Me…

In my haste to get out plenty of material for Mental Health Awareness Month, I neglected to remember that I hadn’t arranged anything for when it finished. I shall be going back to biweekly posting every Tuesday and Saturday, but I have nothing to post today unfortunately.

I have been doing other writing work aside from the mental health stuff, just not prearranging posts like I normally would. The main factors behind this are focussing more on the mental health posts, work on my Level 2 Mental Health Awareness, and struggling to keep my own mental health in check. Sadly, it appears to have taken something of a decline in the last week, which is affecting my confidence and drive to do anything. Add work and my insatiable need to see my son and there isn’t much time left to add work to my blog.

I’ll endeavour to keep up with the Tuesday–Saturday routine, even if it means just a short, cursory post such as this one, as I don’t want to go AWOL again. Just keep in mind for now that my posts might not be the quality most have you have come to expect.

On a lighter note, one of my old stories is getting a rebirth having been edited, so look out for that, and, as I’ve been promising for ages, part two of A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story is going to be rolled out soon along with an edited part one, so that you can refresh yourself on where the story left off. Both of the above are definitely happening in November; I can promise that much.

Thank you all for your support. I really can’t explain how much it means to me and I don’t feel even remotely worthy of it. I love you all!

11 thoughts on “Bear with Me…

    1. If you say it then it must be true 😁 I need to get my writing cap back on. I miss it. I think I’ll try and write a bit of flash fiction before the week’s end. Anything you can inspire me with?


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