The Beacon (Poem)

The darkness became typical
Something I expected
The loneliness became normal
I no longer felt neglected

Entities would appear as allies
I’d reach out to touch
Draw them in close to me
A coveted crutch

As I leaned into them I fell
The ally was never there
Looking up from where I lay
The entity had become thin air

My trust in them waned
I turned my back when they came
Their attempts were in vain
They wouldn’t poison my brain

Alone in the darkness
It was the only way to feel secure
Except the danger didn’t abate
And I became more demure

A sudden bright light
That caused me to observe
Another entity
This one I couldn’t swerve

It shone all around me
A beautiful beacon
I felt my trust strengthen
And my cynicism weaken

I could see all around
This entity meant good
I was wary for a while
But they understood

The darkness, while still there
Surrounded this light
My vision, though still blurry
Was freed from its respite

The entity smiled upon me
And spread apart its arms
It took me in an embrace
Much to my alarm

My decision to trust this ally
Has profited me no end
Through the darkness came a light
Which became my one true friend

25 thoughts on “The Beacon (Poem)

      1. I feel you, sometimes that happens to me so I would rather not write it but something else. Weekend is over now😁sorry just checking my comment section. Have fun❤

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