Mental Health Awareness Month in October

As some of you may be aware, World Mental Health Day falls on Wednesday 10th October. If you weren’t aware then you are now!

As you can probably imagine, there are going to be various events held as attempts to defeat the stigma surrounding mental illness continues. Check Google and I’m sure you’ll find out where local events are taking place and what you can expect.

In honour of World Mental Health Day, I have taken the decision to host my own Mental Health Awareness Month on The Adventures of an Average, White Man… in October and have a number of mental health themed posts lined up for that month, including a lighthearted piece of flash fiction with an important message contained within.

I’d be very grateful if people would come forward and write a paragraph or two about how mental health has affected them so I can compose a post to that effect. You can say as much or as little as you like. You don’t necessarily have to have suffered from a mental illness yourself to tell me how it’s impacted you. If you wish, I can keep it anonymous and you don’t have to be a blogger either. If you’d like to partake then go to the menu option ‘Get In Touch’ or click this link and email me in confidence. Depending on how many responses I get, I’ll run a ‘Thoughts of My Readers’ post at some point in October.

Mental illness is something that has struck hard in recent times in my personal life and I feel I should do all I can to help educate people so that they know they don’t have to suffer in silence or repress bad thoughts when they come. There are people out there who’ll listen and understand.

I look forward to making October a positive month on this blog and doing my bit to aid the growing significance of mental health awareness.

Much love to all my valued readers!

Mental Health Awareness Month
Hope you like my cheesy logo to accompany Mental Health Awareness Month

18 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Month in October

      1. When writing about mental health it’s best to write in the first person. I don’t think it’s easy to get in the head of anyone else. (Which is the opposite of all you do in your fiction writing) I’m looking forward to reading the posts! And I like your logo 😊

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      2. It doesn’t have to be anything expansive, but I’d definitely appreciate your inclusion given as I take your opinion more seriously than any other mental health blogger.


  1. Good one Paul. Mental illness is really a big deal in the society today, although didn’t know there was an awareness Day specially allocated to it because it does need exposure. I will be looking forward to your posts this month and hopefully I can come up with something regarding the topic, this days I’ve been everywhere and doing my best trying to focus on writing which someone keeps me in line generally. Have a beautiful week 💖

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    1. Writing is one of my coping strategies. It calms and soothes me. I hope you like what’s to come as I’m going to be dropping some major truth bombs. It’d be nice if people could get behind it as I can’t deny my lack of readers frustrates me a bit. I hope your week is going well thus far ❤

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      1. Major truth bombs sounds nice and I can’t wait to read. You know somehow not many people read that much which is something I’ve realised overtime time, some of them would prefer to write for people to read than to read other people’s post but I’m glad there are others that endeavour to read your post even if not at all times, so don’t worry we will get there❤💝😉

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      2. Yes, there is definitely a lot of that. I admit, I only read a handful of other people’s blogs, maybe about seven or eight. Partly, that’s because of time, but also because of quality of content. So, that should tell you I’m one of your readers on merit 🙂

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