News About Dead End, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story, and The Adventures of an Average, White Man

I have made the decision to remove Dead End and A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story from Smashwords, Wattpad, and Amazon with immediate effect.

In light of the recent submissions of The Escapades of William Hart: Seas of Vengeance to publishers and agents, I felt it wise to remove the abovementioned titles with a view to re-editing them both, most notably in the case of Survivor, where I plan to resume the story in due course.

Whether either of the titles will be republished on the websites once editing is complete is yet to be seen. If I decide against then they’ll be made available to read on The Adventures of an Average, White Man as they were traditionally.

The decision to remove the titles is simply to do with the fact that I feel my writing and grammar have improved a lot since those stories were penned. If I’m to be seen in the wider public eye then I’d like it to be with a greater representation of the author I feel I’ve become rather than the one I was eighteen months to two years ago.

To that end, I shall be going through my old posts on here at some point with a view to editing and removing some. I wish for this blog to be a showcase of my talents as opposed to a sounding board for my ranting and raving. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop ranting and raving (I know some of you love it), just that I’ll be a little more conservative in my approach to it.

These changes won’t happen overnight. It’ll be a gradual transition as time doesn’t allow me the luxury to work on my writing to the extent that I used to. I do hope that the changes will make for a much more professional looking product once all the changes have been administered.

In the meantime, enjoy what’s to come. There’ll be further announcements about Dead End and Survivor in due course.

2 thoughts on “News About Dead End, A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story, and The Adventures of an Average, White Man

  1. Ugh I was reading through sone old posts on one of my blogs yesterday and found a handful of typos I had previously missed… I’m gonna have to sit down to do a quality check myself!

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