No Apologies

This is just a quick post to announce my effective return to the blogosphere. I’m sure my two, maybe three, regular readers have missed me!

As the title states, I have no intention of apologising for the unannounced break. That would imply that I’m sorry and feel guilty for it. Neither of the two apply.

I’m a very busy man these days compared to before when I had a lot of time to dedicate to blogging. I no longer have that luxury as I’m in full-time employment. When I’m not at work I’m either spending time with my son or working on my novel. I was also going to the gym and swimming until recently, though I haven’t kept up with that. I have at least carried on eating better and taking on more water. It’s definitely making a difference physically to the point where my 32” waist jeans are no longer fitting properly!

The simple fact is that I haven’t had the time to spare for blogging. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing for the blog altogether of course and I’ll soon be posting an edition of Living the Dream to give you an update on what’s been going on in that regard whilst I’ve been away, although it’s somewhat outdated, so I’ll have to get around to composing another soon.

In truth, I could still do without burdening myself with the blog. I know I’ll struggle to post semi-frequently even now. The reason I’m returning is simply because I miss writing different things. I keep getting ideas of subjects to write about and tell myself to make a note so I can get it on the blog. I then forget the ideas because I haven’t made a note and the idea gets lost in the ether of my subconscious. I’m hoping returning to post whenever I can will prompt me to make notes of these ideas and get around to writing them up at some point.

So, I’m back for now and that’s all there is to it. I have a variety of posts ready to go, including flash fiction, rants, and the return of A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story. Watch this space; it’s all coming soon…

17 thoughts on “No Apologies

  1. Glad to see you back in the blogging world. I’ve been on and off as well… of course with 3 blogs to manage now, some have longer breaks than others and when I take a full break none of them get maintained! It is still something I overall enjoy, and I think you do too, so breaks are good but shouldn’t be made permanent 🙂 I’ll be starting back at Uni in a couple weeks for my nursing courses so soon I’ll be extra busy again… but imma still try to add posts occasionally through the year 🙂 ….if for nothing else but stress relief 😛

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    1. I’ve finished my manuscript and sent a few submissions to publishers and agents alike, so I can now concentrate on writing for the blog again. Obviously, I’ll be composing something shortly to announce the progress of the novel and how I reached the stage that I was finally satisfied enough to send it into the big, bad world.

      I will, of course, keep up with your posts. You’re quite right that it offers a break from the stresses of life and I know what a busy person you are. Do you have any works of fiction in the pipeline? I hope so. Your short stories and flash fiction are brilliant!

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      1. Not as yet, I keep meaning to sit down and dedicate some time to fiction… plus i have some more mental health topics in the pipeline… but at the moment my manuscript recently came back from the editor so I’m working on round 2 of edits. I also have a handful of posts about my trip planned, but haven’t gotten very far yet due to said edits. I’m hoping to get a fair bit written and set up for the 3 blogs in the next couple of weeks before school starts though. Wish me luck! Lol

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      2. I’ve often thought of splitting my blogs in twain so I’ve got one for fiction and one for everything else, but I really don’t need to create more work for myself right now. I do plan to get my head into more short fiction over the coming months. Just deciding when to start posting part two of A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story as well. It’s all written up and ready to go.

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      3. I probably didn’t do myself any favors by splitting mine… but now that I can officially call myself a “children’s author” I felt I needed to separate my other writing that may be too real life/adult at times for possible child fans that may look up my writing in the future. Then, of course, my nursing school stuff would have a pretty specific audience too… sooo… LOL. It is tough to rebuild audiences for new blogs though, after you had spent time focusing on just one blog for a couple years.

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      4. My editor said on average they do 4-5. I’m sure it depends on how well it’s done in the first place, lol. I’m working on #2 right now, but I can see that it may very well need a good 2 more to work out the kinks. Especially as I’ll be adding and rearranging sentences that’ll need to be checked at the very least

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      5. I know there are loads more to come. I knew before I submitted that this was going to be a long and often deflating process. I still felt that pang of heartache when I got that rejection though.

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      6. I know. I understand they have a tonne of manuscripts to respond to, but at the same time… a specific reason or two wouldn’t add that much more time to ass to a rejection letter. it’s not like they have to go in depth…

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      7. I love that your phone autocorrected ‘add’ to ‘ass’ 😂 No, it’d be nice if they could give even one or two specifics if they’ve gone to the trouble of responding at all. If it’s simply that they don’t think it’s marketable then say so.

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