Hard Work Reaps Its Rewards (Congratulations Keri!)

This is a quick post to extend my congratulations to one of my very favourite bloggers and an exceptional writer, Keri. She announced very recently that a novel she’s been working on for a long while has been picked up by a publisher and will be published soon. Read her story about it here.

My initial reaction to this news after she tagged me in her post on Facebook was quite literally one of zero surprise. She’s an extremely talented writer and a really good person. You know when you just know someone is guaranteed for great things? Keri is one of those people. It was always a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

The best thing about her is that it was through hard work and several knockbacks she achieved this feat. It wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter. It wasn’t fate that chose her for it. She put in a tonne of effort and she’s justly reaped the rewards of it.

Words can’t express how happy I am for her. I’ve come across a handful of people whilst blogging who deserve to be published on merit. Two of them have been now and I’m absolutely made up for them both. I know they’ll go on to have flourishing careers. The others who haven’t yet been published will definitely have their day.

One effect Keri’s deserved success has had on me is motivation. I was already dead set on publication; this has only spurred me on. At the time of writing this, I’m so close to the desired word-count I’ve been aiming for in my novel. Once that’s achieved there’ll be no stopping me. I hope I won’t be long for joining Keri in the pantheon of published writers. It’d be nice to see us recommending one another on the back cover of our books!

Until my day comes I’ll celebrate Keri’s success in raising a drink to a job well done and to her continued success. You’re living the dream now girl!

8 thoughts on “Hard Work Reaps Its Rewards (Congratulations Keri!)

  1. Yesterday I was mulling over commenting on an older post of yours to harass you about lack of posts… as if you have a job or a life or something, sheesh… guess you read my mind lol. Now… I’m still waiting on the one post, (at one time you mentioned you’d write once your life situation changed…) and now that you’ve become a working, contributing member of society again, I’m hoping you are still planning on posting it…. I know I’d like to read it at least. Pretty sure klutzy wants to too.

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    1. Don’t worry, I’ve got rather a lot of material written up and ready to go. I’m planning to start posting again after my holiday, so early July. It’s just been a case of managing my time to include writing for the blog. I know I’ve got a lot of your posts to catch up with. I’ll hopefully get around to that soon too. I hope you’re well 🙂

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      1. I am pretty well… started a 3rd blog! OMG I don’t have time for all the writing I need to do to keep them all up and running! And soon enough (end of August) I’ll be doing my nursing classes… which they said to treat like a 40-hr/wk job… so even though I’ve quit 2 of my 3 casual jobs, I’ll still be exceedingly busy… what have I done?? LOL At least my editor said she’ll have my manuscript edit back to me by end of next week so hopefully I’ll be able to use some of this summer time before my trip in July to get some of that work done. Sorry… I’ve gone on a ramble fest. Lemme start again: Yes. I’m well. Hope you are too.

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      2. Yeah, Bailey, take a pill fir that excusitis… lol. There’s been some set backs on some of their other projects (editing taking longer than expected), and an employee that left suddenly etc… leaving extra work on my editor… so while they haven’t said they don’t think my book will come out as when previously predicted (Aug/Sept timeframe), I get the feeling that its not on schedule for that. Good news is that she got an artist started on my images and hes working on the mockups now. Hopefully I’ll get to see/approve some soon 🙂


  2. Yay! It’s always a boost when people get published who you’ve known from the blog world. It gives hope.😊 I’m sure it’ll be you getting published yourself soon 😎

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    1. I’ve actually managed to get my novel down to the desired length as of this morning. All I need to do is fix a handful of continuity errors (I changed something earlier in the story), read through it, and then it’s time to submit. How are things going with you? I’ll be returning to the blogosphere shortly, so I can start keeping up with your work again 🙂

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      1. Omg it sounds like you’re motoring along! Good on you! Life is emotionally full on as ever. To be honest my writing has fallen by the wayside lately as I’ve worked these past few months on my summerSHINES illustration business launch. I’m now on Etsy 😊 I do miss my writing though, and I was glad to hear a post from you as I thought you’d quit blogging.


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