A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story now available as an eBook!

First of all, apologies for my break in posting lately. I’ve been busy combining playing Assassin’s Creed 2 on PS4 and Football Manager on my laptop. It’s not easy to do both at the same time but I’ve been managing it.

Oh, I’ve also been working on editing A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story to release as an eBook and I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished the feat.

In fact, I posted it as a free download on Smashwords yesterday. It’s also available to read on Wattpad as well as being purchasable on Amazon for just 99p.

As with Dead End, I’ve removed A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story from WordPress, so it will only be available on all the abovementioned formats. Not to worry though. The second instalment of the story will soon be appearing here on The Adventures of an Average, White Man… as I began work on it a few weeks ago. Watch this space.

For now, catch up with the re-edited first story (that I’ve renamed A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story: New Black Plague) by clicking one or all of the links below.

New Black Plague download on Smashwords

New Black Plague readable version on Wattpad

New Black Plague purchasable on Amazon

Thank you in advance to all who read, download, and/or purchase the story and I hope you’ll leave a positive review to accompany it.

I’ll be seeing you here soon with more literary offerings.

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