An Apology to the Staff and Management at Old Ball

Every now and again, I can get carried away whilst writing. Perhaps it’s the novelist in me wishing to be entertaining and flamboyant. The problem with it is that, when writing non-fiction, facts must be adhered to. Feelings are going to be present, but feelings simply mustn’t be communicated as facts if they aren’t.

I posted an article entitled The Death of the Local Boozer whereupon I communicated a lot of personal opinions about a number of local pub closures over the last ten years or so. The article was written to express my concerns solely about that.

However, I brought my favoured local, Old Ball, into the mix; a pub that hasn’t closed down. I spoke of my fears that it soon would close down and communicated some second-hand information I’d been made privy to that, in fact, wasn’t factual. I used a lot of definite language within, e.g. when Old Ball closes down, as opposed to speculative language, e.g. if Old Ball closes down. I was wrong to do this.

Old Ball is not closing down. That was entirely the wrong message for me to convey. I allowed my personal fears of my favourite local’s closure to come across as something that was a certainty. I deeply regret doing so as Old Ball is under stable management and it turns out that the information I have been fed is incorrect.

I want to apologise to Davina, the landlady at Old Ball, to her staff, and to all the regular patrons for any issues that my article might have caused. I also apologise to those who read the article and were led to believe something that wasn’t true. It was unprofessional of me and I shall make a concerted effort to be more thoughtful in any future posts.

There was one thing I said in the post, however, that I stand by: if you live locally to Old Ball then you should definitely stop by whenever you can for a drink. It is, in my opinion, the best pub in the Broadoak area. My dad isn’t easy to please and he’s been a regular there for over twenty years so, by that yardstick alone, they must do something right!

I have a lot to learn as an article writer, as Death of the Local Boozer clearly showed. The aim is to learn from this experience and become a better writer as a result. You can definitely expect better from this point onwards.

Death of the Local Boozer has since been removed from my blog feed with the intention of a more appropriate rewrite in the near future.

10 thoughts on “An Apology to the Staff and Management at Old Ball

      1. I can’t imagine you’d ever find a reason to end up in Ashton-under-Lyne. There’s little here. It’s famous for having an Ikea and that’s about it 😂 However, if you ever did, I’d insist on you letting me know so I can say hello in person ☺️


      2. Interesting in that I travel to neither! I can count on one hand how often I’ve travelled south of the Watford gap and maybe on two hands how often I’ve travelled south of Birmingham. Not including holidays abroad of course.


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