Goodbye, Paul.E.Bailey’s World…

Just like that, the change has been made. Paul.E.Bailey’s World still spins, but with a different name.

Let’s face it; there’s never been a less popular time to be an average, white man. Women hate us. Homosexuals hate us. The transgendered hate us. Muslims hate us. Hindus hate us. Black people hate us. Hispanic people hate us. Buddhists like us. Buddhists like everybody.

There are deep social and political reasons as to why everyone hates the average, white man. History is the main one. I’ll be the first to admit that average, white men have been, to use my local lingo, proper knob ‘eds! They have, at one time or another, persecuted all of the above and I think it’s basically humankind’s chance to vicariously get back at them.

On the one hand, I get it. It makes sense. On the other, however, can I really be held accountable for the actions of other people just because we share the same skin colour? I’m just a normal guy trying to get by in life. I wield no more power than anybody else out there. All I want to do is make friends with people, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, skin colour, sexual preference, or religious beliefs. All I want to do aside from that is write, tell stories, and share opinions.

Equality, to me, means equality. It means an equal footing across the board. Nowadays, it seems that certain people feel equality means a leg up over others. They feel it should mean preferential treatment. Well I, as an average, white man, apparently have the deck stacked in my favour. Here I am; a jobless bum with no money. If you ever needed proof that ‘white privilege’ is long dead then you need only look in my direction.

The way I see it is that we’re all human. We’re only going to move forward as a species by banding together. We all have our axes to grind about certain people and that’s fine. I’m angered by regressive leftists, for example; the kinds of people who hate the rich just because they’re rich and think that all white people should hate and blame themselves for everything that’s wrong with the world. Not being enamoured by certain people is only normal. We shouldn’t let that affect the progression of humankind though.

I am what I am. I was born the way I am and that can’t change. To hate me for that would be insane. To hate anybody for what they are is insane. The sooner everybody realises that the better. Anybody and everybody is welcome to partake in my adventure. I don’t give a shit how different you are to me; I want you to join in on my journey. Variety is the spice of life. That isn’t just a clichéd saying; it’s the absolute truth.

There are no planned changes as far as this blog goes. It’ll be the same mixture of fiction, non-fiction, rants, and whatever else drew you here initially. All that’s changed is the packaging. Oh, and the motto. It’s goodbye to ‘The world is a subject with many subcategories. Let’s talk about them all.’ and hello to ‘Stories, rants, and opinions from a local lad who just loves to write.’ Nothing flashy; just the facts.

So welcome, my faithful followers, to the next era of Paul.E.Bailey’s World. Welcome to The Adventures of an Average, White Man…

P.S. In case you were wondering, the picture accompanying this article is something I did on Microsoft Paint; a very crude drawing of my local hill range, The Pennines, and Hartshead Pike tower, my town’s most prominent landmark.Average White Man

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Paul.E.Bailey’s World…

  1. Oh man does a second there i thought this was a different kinda post, change is good I say as long as it’s one for the better, I certainly thought things were better for you on your side as far as all the craziness goes but I suppose division is a universal trait, can’t wait to see what comes from this new found energy of yours, great things as always I’m sure…

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    1. The change is more a middle finger up at the regressive leftists I mentioned in the post than anything else. In recent times, especially in light of the recent terror attacks in the UK, these people have crawled out of the woodwork and seem to expect that people like me should feel guilty in some way simply because of my skin colour and heritage. Utter nonsense! Being an average, white man has never earned me a thing in life. Anything I achieved has been because I worked at it, just like everyone else out there. The only way we achieve equality is by not only accepting other people for who they are, but accepting ourselves for who we are too. My mind-set is simple: don’t be a dick and I’ll be your friend. I can tell you think exactly the same thing, hence why we get along.


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