I’ve come to the decision to give my blog a facelift.

The reason I named this blog Paul.E.Bailey’s World is because I took advice from some website or another that the best way to market my name was to feature my name in the title. Common sense really. You immediately know that the person you’re dealing with is Paul.E.Bailey. You know my name before we’ve even initiated contact.

The problem is that I’ve never liked the name. It sounds… I don’t know. Conceited, maybe? I’m not sure why. Chances are that most people read it as “The World According to Paul.E.Bailey” as opposed to me saying that the world is mine.

Irrespective, I’ve been mulling over a title change and have come up with, in my opinion, a catchy title. All I need now is the imagery to suit the title as well as a new motto to replace “The world is a subject with many subcategories. Why not talk about them all?”

I don’t plan on disappearing for ages to bring everything together. It’ll probably all just change overnight in the next few days. Whether this rebrand will attract more readers is yet to be seen. In honesty, I’m not doing it for that reason. I just want to freshen things up and make my blog a bit more quirky.

So consider this your heads-up. Keep an eye out for the changes and I’ll see you on the other side.

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