Knowledge is not Power

Pity the learned man—his wisdom understood by so depressingly few—who must dumb himself down to ensure the fools comprehend.

In despair, he must deny all he worked so hard to achieve just to be understood by those who were too indolent to learn as he did.

He must stoop to their level. They will never aim to reach his. His blessing is his curse. He knows what they know not. They do not want to know.

This learned man, an island of wisdom in a sea of foolishness, is left to bemoan the knowledge he accrued while ignorance reigns supreme.

6 thoughts on “Knowledge is not Power

  1. Amazing writing. Is this how you feel about your intelligence and work ethic? How people respond to that…how people can’t keep up? I relate to this a lot, though I’m less knowledgeable than you are 😎

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    1. It’s not necessarily about me, though I do often have to sink myself to the level of others. It’s more a nod that unintelligent people far outnumber the intelligent and make them feel as though they’re out of place, even stupid, for being intelligent.


      1. It is very true that intelligence can make us feel stupid, despite it being totally counterintuitive to say that. I agree.

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      2. Unintelligent people don’t like intelligence and the best way to counteract it is by making intelligent people feel stupid for being intelligent. It’s a very odd paradox.


      3. Yup. I will dumb down my speech and writing without even thinking these days, so I don’t appear lofty. It’s sad really that people have bullied me into stifling myself like that 😣

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      4. Tells you something of the world today and this idea that wealth is bad and poverty is virtuous. It seems that knowledge is judged by the same regressive left yardstick.


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