Paul.E.Bailey’s World – And We’re Back!

Good day to you readers and fellow bloggers. To begin this post I would like to apologise for the delay in proceedings and thank you for your patience.

The break was a good idea. I had become disillusioned with writing for the blog (not writing in general: never writing in general) as I was trying to juggle too much at once. There had to come a time where I dropped a metaphorical ball and I duly did. I can hold my hands up and say that my work was becoming sloppy as I concentrated more on timeframes than quality of work. That’s a mistake I shan’t be making again.

So what’s to come now I’m back?

In a simple statement, the answer to that question is ‘better quality less frequently’. Even simpler, ‘less is more’. I’ll be putting more focus into what I’m writing rather than when it’s going to be posted.

In terms of what’s to come from a content point of view you can pretty much expect the same: a bit of everything. I have a few ideas for fiction stories; flash, short and novelette. I always have things to rant about so expect more of that. I’ll be sifting through some mental cache to bring you more real life stories from my promiscuous and mostly drunk youth. My journal style Living the Dream series will continue. Despite it being one of the less read series’ on my blog I feel it’s the most important of them all from a personal growth perspective. Of course, I’ll be dreaming up more top fives of various types for your entertainment also.

What have I been doing on my break?

Technically speaking I haven’t done much work on my writing at all aside from a bit of editing here and there on my WIP, Revenge on the Spanish Main, and the second instalment in that series, The Golden Age. I was advised that leaving alone the writing of blog based work would be a bad idea. I dispute that claim because I’m raring to go now. The bit is back between my teeth. It also helps that I’ve never viewed writing as a passing fancy so I was always going to return from this hiatus. Quitting hadn’t once crossed my mind.

As I say, technically I haven’t worked much on my writing, although I have been working notoriously hard on it from an educative stance. I’ve been brushing up and restudying grammar over the weeks and I honestly feel much more enlightened for it. I still can’t imagine I’ll be grammatically infallible as old habits die hard. That said, I will definitely be aware of the more glaring errors. I can also say that I sort of know what my nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and so on are. Hooray! I won’t say any more as grammar will be a subject of an upcoming post.

I’m happy to say that I’ve really rediscovered my passion for music during my time away too. I was so consumed by my writing that music took a backseat in a big way. I’ve managed to throw together three mix sessions for Mixcloud whilst on this break as well as downloading a tonne of music to go with the near three-thousand that already live in my Windows Media Player. If writing is my happy place then music is my happy holiday home. There’s definitely more music related posts to come which I’m sure will thrill most of you!

I look forward to catching up with those of you whose work particularly impresses me and, it goes without saying, my blog friends. I had aimed to catch up with some reading of posts whilst away. I’m sure you’ll have noticed that I didn’t quite get around to that for which I offer further apologies. I won’t deceive you by saying I’ll definitely get around to catching up soon because the likelihood is that I simply won’t be able to. I will browse though and have a read of those whose title drags me in when I get the chance.

My goals as regards this blog have shifted somewhat while I’ve had chance to put it in perspective. I’ve placed too much emphasis on the number of followers I have and likes my posts receive. That will stop. If I think too much about that then I’ll write my posts with growth in mind as opposed to writing what’s really on my mind. I’d like to think my barefaced honesty will attract its own following anyway. If not, well that’s just too bad. Paul.E.Bailey’s World is and always has been a supplement to my true writing goal of publication. It will always be the less attractive brother of the two.

Despite that I am looking forward to getting right back into the swing of things and sharing this part of my journey with you all. Without further ado, let’s haul anchor, loose the mainsails and catch that breeze…

26 thoughts on “Paul.E.Bailey’s World – And We’re Back!

  1. Three thousand songs you say most impressive, definitely looking forward to the music related posts you have coming and of course all future mixes…

    So very glad to have you back and inspired…

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    1. In the grand scheme of things I know 3,000 tracks isn’t a lot of music really. But when you consider I’m not into mainstream music at all really then it seems more impressive. Most folk nowadays won’t have heard of 75-80% of the tracks and artists on my playlist.

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      1. That does in fact make it all the more impressive, question from one collector to another do you ever think there’s a limit to it all, how fine is the line between collecting and hoarding, granted in the medium of music it can be done digitally even still is there ever enough as far as that goes, even that opens up the idea of if it can all be digital then why purchase the physical, so many ways to look at it perhaps you could consider doing a post on it I’d like to see your take on it all…

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      2. I think there are people out there who hoard music (that is to say they purchase it and never listen to it). I’ve seen people say they have ten of thousands of tracks across an abundance of mediums. They can’t possibly intimately know all of those tracks, even if they listen to music all day every day. I suppose it’s different for DJs and producers because they’re always looking to borrow samples and what not so they will hoard music with good intentions. There are undoubtedly some who collect music just to tell people how much music they have and show off about how diverse they are when, in actual fact, they haven’t listened to most the music they have.

        I agree that a ‘download for free vs paying for music’ post might be good because it’s relatable to writing as well. People are always on the hunt for free books to read after all.

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      3. I couldn’t have said it better nothing worse than a “fan” who has stuff and never listens disgusting shelf collectors, I like this idea of hoarding with good intentions lol, I finally have an explanation to most people for why I have two copies of the “Winston’s – Amen Brother 45” its crazy how can one call themselves​ a fan and not know the “Amen Break”

        Fantastic ideas you’ve given me as always can’t wait to see all you have in the works…

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      4. Having two copies can be necessary. Seamus Haji used to do this great little trick on the Defected albums he compiled where he’d have the same track playing on separate decks with one slightly behind the other. Then he’d flick the crossfader at certain points. It sounded brilliant, especially when he did it with Bob Sinclar’s ‘I Feel For You’ on the Independence album. He also did it with AWA Band’s ‘Timba’ on the same album using the Full Intention Mix and the Full Intention Reprise. Having two copies of the same track can be essential if you have them for the right reasons.


  2. I’m so glad you’re back. You’re a blogger who refreshes me with your writing and I think writing for the love of writing rather than appealing to an audience or blog growth is a good plan. 👍👍 I look forward to more reading 😊

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    1. Thank you, as ever, for your awesome support. In light of recent goings on in the world I have plenty to have a say on—some of which, I have no doubt, will not sit well with some people. When has that ever stopped me though? 😉

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      1. It was great 😊 Loved it! You’re clever as fuck. 👍 I always learn stuff, new insights and slants on a topic 😊

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      2. Thank you, Sumani. I don’t view myself as especially clever. I think, I watch, I listen, and I form opinions. I refuse to just run with the opinion of others on a subject I know nothing of. That’s a sure-fire path to ignorance. I want enlightenment, not ignorance. x

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      3. That’s what I like about you. It’s highly refreshing and admirable. You are clever because you don’t rely on what others say. You have your own brain. Paul’s world is an interesting world 😊

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      4. It’s a fecking scary world! Haha. I have to admit that being referred to as clever does flatter me. I know I’m not a dummy and certainly more switched on to realities in this world that most others aren’t, but being clever is something I think I’m still aspiring to. The quest for knowledge only ends when my life does.

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      5. Yeah you’re switched on and nothing gets past you. It’s good you want to learn. People like Stephen Fry and Brian Cox still probably doubt their own intelligence as they are always striving for more knowledge. It’s good to appreciate what you already are good at though along the way, even though your learning and my learning will never stop.

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      6. I definitely appreciate all the knowledge I’ve accumulated. The more I learn the more I want to learn. The best thing about knowledge is that you can only ever have too little, never too much. And it’s zero calories!

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