Buried Treasure (Poem)

What was it made you want to make land here, my friend,
And bury your treasure in these sands?

What compelled you to feel these shores offered
Such certain security for your ill-gotten gains?

This one tiny island surely cannot be dug upon by another,
You so vainly assume.

The island asked not for your deposit nor coveted such,
Yet the island shall be burdened nonetheless.

You demand with veiled congeniality, my friend,
That the location and contents of your treasure never be revealed.

“Promise me” you say. “Promise me!”
Now the island is your abettor against its will.

Your treasure will remain buried on that island,
Sullying its once clean sands and soil.

When your atrocities come to light, my friend,
The island will be assumed every bit as culpable as you.

20 thoughts on “Buried Treasure (Poem)

  1. I like how the poems you have released so far on your blog have been from the perspective of the earth, in one way or another. This poem in particular really made me think. I am not sure how much of a symbol you intended it to be for mankind pillaging the earth for resources, but it did make me think of that, especially with it being Earth Day. (Although you published this a couple of weeks before Earth Day). Either way, I loved it!


      1. Thank you honey 🙂 I really appreciate it. I also really appreciate the review on Dead End. It was much needed given the one star review somebody gave it prior to yours. According to them the story made no sense. I think there’s a difference between not understanding something and something not making sense, but what would I know…

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