Dead End now available for FREE on

I interrupt usual programming by bringing you news about my first long running story here on Paul.E.Bailey’s World.

Some of you may remember that I used Dead End as a dummy run to publish on last year. It didn’t go too well and sold only two copies. I expected no less as I didn’t actually want to distribute it for people to pay for. I wanted it to be a free eBook. Who’s going to pay for a 10,000 word novelette from an unknown even if it is less than a pound?

So yesterday (which is actually today, but will be yesterday by the time I post this) I removed Dead End from pronoun, which essentially removed it from all the places it was on sale. I’ve now republished it on where it is 100% free to download. I’m not entirely sure of the formats it’s compatible with though I do know that it can be downloaded as a PDF file as well as various others.

I’ve also published it on Amazon where it’ll be free to download between 6th and 10th April. Beyond that it will cost the minimum possible – £0.99 in the UK and $0.99 in the US.

I would be massively indebted to you all if you would be so kind as to download the story and give it a review. I’ll be making all Dead End posts here on WordPress private for the foreseeable future so that the only way it can be seen is by downloading it. You’d be doing me a massive favour as I work to launch my career as a writer. Every single review will help me to that end. I don’t know if you need to sign up to the site in order to download from it; however, you definitely do in order to review it. If you enjoy reading then signing up shouldn’t concern you as there are absolutely loads of free titles to download aside from mine. Just follow the links:

Dead End on

Dead End on Amazon

I hope you enjoy reading it again if you already did here on Paul.E.Bailey’s World. Don’t forget to share the links on your social media pages too. The more downloads the better.

Thank you again.


P.S. The more astute of you will have noticed the change in the cover design as the title image of this post. I hope you like it!

11 thoughts on “Dead End now available for FREE on

  1. Once I am able to actually download the Kindle reading app, consider me your newest reader of Dead End! (I am experiencing some technical difficulties getting the e-reader app at the moment, though, so bare with me!). I greatly look forward to reading and reviewing! 🙂


    1. That’s extremely annoying :-/ I could have sworn I made it available for free across the board. Oh well, there’s always where it’ll be free forever and ever 🙂 I’ve put a link in the sidebar, though if you’re looking on a phone it’ll be underneath the post.

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      1. Reviews are all that are absent at present, though I’m sure I read on Amazon that you can’t review if you get it during a promotion. I may have misread that, but I’m sure I didn’t. As for smashwords I just think nobody has reviewed it because they can’t be arsed 😂

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      2. Really? The goddamned cheek of it! I run with OneManGang84 for a lot of my stuff and I’ve not had any problems with that being taken thus far. Paul.E.Bailey seems rather uncommon too.


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