Find Me a Find – Chapter Four

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There was no time wasted as Niall totally switched up his style. He even changed how his C-MAC profile read. Where he’d originally provided paragraphs of information about himself, he reduced it to just a few lines in order to add an air of mystery. He removed his profile picture that depicted him as something of a nice and safe guy to one that was a little more light-hearted. He became more prolific as far as messaging women was concerned and rather than his usual lengthy introduction, he switched to a more informal and snappy greeting. He also stopped avoiding those he’d normally have considered out of his league. In for a penny, in for a pound, he thought.

The new approach worked insofar as more women started to respond to him. The sudden lack of information on his profile hardly mattered. It was rare that women didn’t ask questions already answered on his profile when he messaged them anyway. It was abundantly clear that people only spoke on C-MAC based on face value.

Niall found that he was suddenly messaging more than he ever had been on the site. Some of the conversations were of better quality than others. He often wondered what the game was of those women he messaged who never responded in anything more than a few words. Were they more responsive with those who they really liked and weren’t just messaging for the sake of doing so?

The talk had got especially deep with one girl in particular. She seemed really interested in him and had even invited him to the bar she frequented in the town she lived in, but Niall was unable to go as it was so last minute and on a work night. They added one another on Facebook after several days of intense conversation and Niall was hopeful that there might be further progression. What actually happened was that she suddenly stopped replying after a couple of messages on Facebook. He tried again on C-MAC and she didn’t respond there either. It was like she’d disappeared off the face of the earth, except she hadn’t because he could see her status updates on Facebook. In pure frustration, he deleted her as a friend on Facebook and swiftly put her out of his mind.

While the messages had increased, he was absolutely nowhere closer to getting another date. They acted as though they were interested in doing so when he suggested it, but they were always too busy for whatever dates he suggested. The new C-MAC attitude was rapidly falling flat on its back. He didn’t want a greater influx of messages that were leading nowhere. He’d have sooner had just the one who was genuinely interested rather than a whole bunch of pretenders, but that one spark wasn’t materialising. Even his suggestions of meaningless sex with those who claimed to be looking for it were bearing no fruit.

C-MAC was dying a death for Niall. It had been a pointless venture and was serving only to dent his confidence further. He needed a pick-me-up and quick, so he contacted Lewis to arrange a night out at the earliest opportunity. Lewis was only too willing to oblige.

“I tried it the way you said and I got nowhere. Face it man, that site is just a waste of time,” Niall said over the loud music in the bar they sat in.
“Nah, mate. You’re just using it wrong. Trust me, the amount of poontang I got using that site was unreal. Maybe I should send a couple of messages on your behalf”.
“You’re alright, fella,” Niall said with a wry smile. “I’ll just take it as a dead loss I think”.

They both stopped to watch an attractive girl walk by who threw a smile in Lewis’ direction. Lewis acted as coolly as ever and barely reacted. Niall couldn’t deny he was jealous of Lewis. He was a smooth talker and had the aesthetic appeal to back it up. His hair was always meticulously perfect in whatever style took his fancy and he made sure to wear the best clothes. He’d never had a problem where women were concerned, but then all he’d ever wanted was to play the field.

“Stop talking such bollocks, Niall,” Lewis said; refocussing his attention on the conversation. “Look, maybe C-MAC doesn’t work for you. Maybe you’re just too ugly,” Lewis said; laughing jokingly.
Dickhead,” Niall replied only half jokingly.
“Seriously, I guess C-MAC just doesn’t work for everybody. I probably got lucky in finding birds who’ll drop their knickers without thinking about it”.
“The fact you’re one of those twats whose avatar is a photo of yourself with your top off might have something to do with it too, eh?”
“Maybe,” Lewis said with a wink.
“Ah, whatever. I’m beyond caring and I certainly ain’t talking about it all night. You want another beer?”
“If you’re buying”.

Niall stood and approached the bar to order two pints of lager. He looked around at who was in the bar, but he didn’t recognise anybody; not that he expected he should as they weren’t in his hometown. A couple of pretty girls caught his eye, but the night was still young and the place would exponentially fill up with yet more luscious ladies from here no doubt.

The barman took Niall’s order and poured the drinks before taking his payment. Niall headed back towards the table to see that Lewis wasn’t alone and he sighed aloud. Two females were sat there; one next to Lewis and another where Niall had been sitting. He slowly approached the table and all three of them looked up. Lewis smiled.

“Niall, meet Zoe and Fiona”.

The girls said hi and Niall gave what he knew was a pathetic wave back rather than opening his mouth. He inwardly cursed himself and his awkwardness before taking a seat next to Fiona where he’d been sitting originally.

It turned out that Lewis knew both the girls and had been seeing Zoe for a short while in the past; something that didn’t shock Niall in the slightest. Initially, the four of them were conversing as a unit, but that eventually became two way conversations as Lewis and Zoe spoke amongst themselves while Niall and Fiona did the same.

Niall wasn’t massively attracted to Fiona initially, but she grew more pleasing on the eye as the night went on and she was good to talk to also. She became more touchy-feely the more comfortable she became and Niall didn’t mind at all. The plan had been to move onto a couple more bars and finally the town’s main nightclub. They had been in the same bar for hours now and time was wearing on.

The conversations soon turned into dancefloor antics which then turned into kissing and groping. Niall worried briefly about taking Fiona home to his mum and dad’s house and was relieved to be given a reprieve when Fiona announced she was sharing a flat with friends. When the sexual tension had gotten simply too much for either of them to bear, they left the bar and hopped in a taxi back to Fiona’s flat while Lewis and Zoe went their own separate way to fulfil carnal desires.

The alcohol was acting as a good repressor for whatever anxiety he might have felt. As soon as they arrived at her flat, they headed into her bedroom where he wasted no time in undressing her.

“Bloody hell, you’re keen,” Fiona said laughing.
“You literally have no idea,” Niall responded before pushing her down onto the bed.

Niall woke sluggishly the next morning. His mouth was as dry as he could ever remember it being. He was immediately aware that there was nobody next to him and he looked around the room to see Fiona stood before a full-length dress mirror brushing her long light brown hair. She only wore a pair of French briefs and he could see her sizeable breasts in the mirror; bouncing ever so slightly with her rhythm. It was enough to make him forget his thirst and become suddenly aroused. They’d made a thorough job of their sexual exploits the previous night, but Niall had several months’ worth of pent up frustration still to release.

He cleared his throat and it attracted her immediate attention. She turned with an alluring smile. It amazed Niall that she looked so fresh while he knew how rough he must have appeared.

“Morning handsome”.
“What time is it,” he asked.
“I’m not sure. About half past ten I think”.
“How are you awake and so fresh?”
“I’m an early riser; even when a certain naughty boy keeps me awake all night,” Fiona said with a suggestive chuckle.
“I don’t suppose that naughty boy could tempt you into a little more naughtiness could he?”
“I’d love nothing more than to get thoroughly seen to again, but I really must get ready. I’ve got somewhere to be in the next hour or so and I’ve already had a shower”.
“That’s a pity. You going anywhere nice?”
“Just to lunch and a couple of drinks. Nothing special, but nonetheless unavoidable”.
“I suppose I’d better get my arse out of bed then,” Niall said; making to climb out.
“You don’t have to. It’s only my two mates here and they won’t bite. Feel free to stay in bed for a bit longer. Maybe you’ll stay long enough for me to come home to,” she said suggestively.
“Sounds great, but once I’m awake there’s no going back to sleep. I’ve a thing or two to do today myself. Sadly nothing as interesting as you have in store”.
“We’ll have to arrange something for through the week then”.
“I’m in work all week, but I’m sure we can sort something out”.

Fiona walked slowly over to where Niall sat on the edge of the bed and stopped before him; her breasts hanging before his face and causing momentary hypnosis in him. She leaned down and levelled her gaze on him before kissing him fully on the mouth. He looked at her again. Her hair hung about her face and green eyes glistened; full lips in a slight pout. She was beautiful and he couldn’t help feeling she was even more attractive this morning than she’d been the previous night, totally negating the beer goggles myth.

“You better had sort something out, mister”.

Niall couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He put his hands around her back and took a tight hold of her backside whilst kissing her again; causing her to yelp excitedly. Her resolve faded as she allowed him to pull her onto the bed and it wasn’t long before she was naked again. Needless to say, she needed another shower after and was ultimately late to her lunch date.


Title image from Shine Aloud.

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