Find Me a Find – Chapter Two

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The drive was a fairly long one. The satnav beeped every so often to give the directions to Niall’s destination; interrupting the music he had playing.

The excitement was palpable. After agreeing to meeting up on Thursday night, he and Kelly had been in constant contact via text on the Friday. He’d been in such a good mood that he could even ignore Brian and his wankerish bellyaching. Niall had proposed he drive to her first and then maybe she come over his way the next time, provided there was a next time.

As he drove, Niall thought about the second date he’d managed to get on C-MAC. It had gone about as successfully as the first. Yet another woman whose appearance in real life was decidedly less appealing than her photos had suggested. She wasn’t unattractive as such, just less so than he’d been led to believe. Of course, that wouldn’t have mattered if her personality was as fantastic as it had come across as being whilst messaging. It turned out that had been a fallacy too. She had proven somewhat bossy and domineering.

One of her initial statements upon meeting was something Niall had unfortunately committed to memory. “I have rules when it comes to C-MAC dates. Firstly, no touchy-feely on the first date. I don’t want to be portrayed as some kind of a slag”. The warning was definitely rammed home, but it left Niall wondering at what point he’d insinuated he wanted anything more than conversation on their date. What made the statement ironic was the fact that he couldn’t count how many times she made reference to her boobs throughout their rendezvous. They were hard to miss; each one the size of Niall’s head. It seemed as though she wanted Niall to want her in a sexual way, but for them to remain chaste. This only served to put him off.

After the date had ended, Niall had been forthcoming enough to say that he wasn’t interested in seeing her again. He felt completely vindicated in doing so when she responded by saying he’d spent enough time staring at her chest to suggest otherwise. Niall fought off the urge to sarcastically respond that he was more of an arse man.

The miles wound down until Niall finally reached his destination. Kelly’s house was at the end of a cul-de-sac and it certainly looked like rather a nice one. She hadn’t talked about her job or how much money her family had, only that she was living temporarily at her parents’ house. From the looks of things, her parents were somewhat well-off.

He sent her a text to say he’d arrived; too shy to go to the door and knock on. Just a couple of minutes later, he saw the front door open through his rear-view mirror and out stepped a young woman dressed casually in jeans and a vest top with a light jacket over the top. He couldn’t hear her, but could see that she was talking to somebody inside the house. She then closed the door and made her way down the drive.

It was Kelly. Even from mid-distance that much was obvious. Now the question was about to be answered as to whether third time was a charm and one of these dates would actually be as attractive as the photos suggested.

She walked over and opened the passenger side door before lowering herself into the car. She sat with a breathy sigh before looking at Niall with a big smile on her face.

“Yes,” Niall said aloud; quickly realising he hadn’t said it in his head like he’d planned.
“Yes what,” Kelly asked with confusion.
“Erm, well I wondered to myself whether you’d be as hot in real life as you are on your photos,” Niall responded; wondering why he was being so openly honest.
“You doubted it?”
“The last two dates I went on turned out to be far less hot than their photos”.
“Do I do my photos justice?”
“That’s why I said yes. You’re every bit as hot as your photos. I’d probably say even more so”.
“Aw, thank you. You’re sweet. I can safely say that’s the most original meeting I’ve ever had with a person,” Kelly said with a musical laugh.
“I think I’ll drive now before I embarrass myself further”.

Niall put the car in gear and was about to drive away when he felt a hand reach across his face and turn his head to face Kelly again. She planted a long and lingering kiss on his lips; her grey eyes boring longingly into his. When they pulled away, Niall felt a little shell-shocked; and admittedly horny.

“That’s how I say hello to people who are as hot as they appear on their photos,” Kelly said saucily.

The date could only have been construed as a success. They’d headed into her hometown and stopped off at a bar that she suggested was a good one. Kelly was taller than he’d envisaged, but every bit as attractive.

They didn’t run out of things to talk about the whole time and only really stopped talking so that they could kiss like a pair of horny teenagers. He discovered that she was a solicitor, but she’d seemed apprehensive to say so. However, she was very chatty about it once she’d told him and described all the ins and outs about her job. She talked about a lot more than that too. Her life had been one of variation and travel. Her father was Macedonian so she’d spent a fair bit of time in Eastern and Southern Europe, but had also gone visiting other corners of the world.

Niall had no such tales of adventure that compared to hers, which admittedly made him feel a little less cultured than she was, but she was either very genuinely interested in his life or made an exceedingly good show of acting like she was.

The attraction was intense on both sides. Afternoon became evening in the blink of an eye and both were rather crestfallen when it came time for them to leave. Rather amusingly, the car park in which Niall had left his car was closed when they came to it and they had to wait around twenty minutes for somebody to come out and open it up for their benefit. The man who did so couldn’t have looked more put out about it.

Niall pulled up outside of Kelly’s house and there was reluctance on the part of them both to bring the date to an end. They talked for at least another twenty minutes interspersed with more passionate kissing and touching before Kelly finally left the car. She paused before closing the door.

“This had to be the best first date ever”.
“I think you could be right,” Niall agreed, but not entirely sure he meant it as he tried in vain to recall other first dates that might have topped this one.
“I hope it won’t be long before I see you again”.
“I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I’m already missing you”.

Kelly’s smile was as big as he’d seen her do so all day. She leaned back inside the car and kissed him once more before locking eyes on him.

“Thank you, Niall. See you soon”.

She got out of the car again and closed the door; heading off in the direction of her house after doing so. Niall remained where he was and watched her enter before he began to drive away. It looked as though C-MAC might well have produced the jackpot on this occasion. He drove home horny as hell, but in about as good a mood as he’d been in a long while. He was sure to text Kelly as soon as he arrived home and they carried on right the way through the evening until Niall finally fell asleep from exhaustion, but not before they arranged a second date for the next week.


Title image from Shine Aloud.

18 thoughts on “Find Me a Find – Chapter Two

  1. Paul I bloody love this! This has literally changed my mood for the better and made me feel ace inside…I don’t know why…it’s just engaging and escapist and FAB 😊 I really mentally got involved with the characters. Good work! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I was somewhat uncertain about this story, but the reception for the first two chapters has been very positive. It thrills me that it’s had that kind of effect on you. I hope it continues to delight you x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Man! None of my online dates were ever quite THAT successful! Don’t get me wrong, there was at least one hot/hotter than his photos one… and I got along well enough with them all on a first date… but never quite that good… 😉 Guess it doesn’t matter since I got a husband out of it regardless… buuuutttt… even so that first date wasn’t Steller. Siiiigggghhhh…. anyway looking forward to see where it goes from here 😊 I dare say it won’t end up only being about Kelly since it’s a dating site story… but still, I’d like to see if the hook up more properly lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He had to go through a couple of rough ones first before landing a date with a hottie to be fair. Awesome first dates aren’t rare. I’ve had some really good ones. It’s what went on beyond that where trouble usually reared its head

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, true I suppose over all I’ve had some really great first dates especially as far as how I felt about the guy not always necessarily what we did in the date itself… but as far as online dates there was one I was pretty impressed with… but he quickly turned into a douche after the date 😒 even though he was the one who straight up said he wanted to pursue a relationship with me… way to win me over, jackhole… lol

        Liked by 1 person

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