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I hate politics. No; I really fucking hate politics! What a load of utter bunkum! I’m certain there are things that bore me more, but I’m honestly struggling to think of what they are at this particular moment.

Whenever I see somebody posting about anything political on social media, no matter the format, I can feel myself slipping into a void of blackness like the vacuum of space. It’s my brain triggering the alarm that I might well be in the vicinity of somebody who’s trying to convince you they’re intelligent and up on current events, but are actually just really boring charlatans who read one article in one place about one thing and decided they would form an all-encompassing opinion based off it!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been dragged into political discussions (arguments by any other name) as the big “world altering” votes and decisions are taken. Scotland voting on whether to leave Britain really kicked it off. Then there was Brexit. Then there was the US presidential election and now I foresee it going full circle and coming once again back to Scotland leaving Britain. I’ve no doubt missed loads of other things, but whatever.

I’m sure it’s all very important stuff, but here’s the rub. I simply don’t care! Like, literally do not care whatsoever. My mind has been brutally beaten and left to bleed out in a gutter by all this political spiel that I’ve had to endure from simple working class people who became experts overnight. I’ve seen them talk like they’re politicians with all their jargon and statistics like they have a clue what they’re talking about. I see ridiculous statements like “if you don’t vote then you can’t have an opinion”, “if you vote to leave Europe then you’re a racist” and “if you vote for Trump then you’re a racist AND a misogynist AND a fascist”.

I’m all for a sweeping statement. That is, of course, a statement about sweeping. I’m not for the “generalisation of a group of people” kind of sweeping statement though. I’m a little hypocritical when I say that as I often call fans of football a bunch of knuckle dragging troglodytes when they obviously aren’t all knuckle dragging troglodytes. The same with WWE fans who I generally can’t stand, but they palpably aren’t all the overly opinionated, bandwagon jumping sheeple I claim them to be. I understand that it’s easier just to generalise sometimes and that’s what the abovementioned political geniuses are doing (most of the time – sometimes they are being personal).

I’ve seen many a wannabe political know-it-all get on their soapbox in recent times and shout at people, so I’m going to get on mine and shout too because I enjoy shouting. It’s therapeutic.

The thing that makes me laugh with John and Jane.Q.Public getting so passionate and vocal about their political stance is that I think they’re ignorant to one simple, basic fact. These politicians do not give a shit about you! There they are getting all frustrated and angry; throwing out generalisations of people who don’t agree with their opinion, when all they’re really doing is echoing the points made by a person who couldn’t care less who they are, what they do or whether they stopped breathing in that instant. All that person cares about is getting their grubby hands on money, power or both. Mr and Mrs Public vainly claim their opinion is the same as the politician they support, but they’re lying to themselves. They’ve been manipulated. They’ve slipped on the shoe that looks like it fits best, wore it and claimed it’s their shoe, but that shoe isn’t actually theirs. They’ll soon realise that appearances are very deceiving and that shoe doesn’t actually fit as well as it looked like it might.

Here’s my suggestion. These guys should remove themselves from the box of choosing one liar over another. They should stop listening to the lies these stuffed shirts habitually pour out in order to coerce a vote from them; or rather do listen, but listen properly and not just to what they want to hear. They should look at everything objectively and form their own opinion. If they do that properly then I’m pretty much certain they’ll arrive at the same conclusion as I did a long time ago…that it’s all complete and utter bollocks! We’re damned regardless of which stuffed shirt we vote into power. We’re damned if we leave Europe or stay in it. We’re damned if Scotland leaves Britain or doesn’t. We are small and insignificant in the eyes of those in power. We do not matter! They’ll get what they want whether we’re along for the ride or not.

People can shout their mouths off all they like with as much political jargon and fabricated statistics as one can gather from Google to reinforce a viewpoint that they don’t really understand at all from a person who’s just lying to them. Milo Yiannopoulos talks flamboyantly and confidently, but agreeing with him and recycling his views doesn’t make you a political expert all of a sudden.

I’ve had it justified to me that I should care about politics because of “how hard people fought for the vote all those years ago”. Sorry, what? So I have the democratic freedom to vote for whoever I like? Oh, okay then. I vote for Jeremey Clarkson. What? That’s not an option? I have to vote for one of the stuffed shirts shoved before me who I don’t know from Adam, yet I’m forced to believe whatever one of them says anyway? Wow! Thanks people who fought for the vote years ago! Perhaps you should have fought for something that’s actually of some use, eh? Of course, you’re entitled to think a vote is a wondrous privilege, but I personally find it to be a weapon of deception.

The illusion of choice and freedom is such a funny thing. We all think we’re free to do what we like and we couldn’t be more wrong. Nothing in life comes for free and nothing we do that goes against the wishes of the stuffed shirt we voted into power comes without consequence. We are bound by invisible chains that we all wilfully choose to ignore. Perhaps most are too scared to admit it. I know I’m not. I feel oppressed as hell, but in a smoke and mirrors kind of way. The governments of this world are good at smoke and mirrors. Well, not exactly good. Actually, they’re very poor at it because people see their ulterior motives, but they run with the method regardless.

I don’t know what impact the political changes of late will have; nodding mainly towards Brexit and Donald Trump becoming the new US president. None of us know. Yet I’ve seen so much talk that suggests people do know. Wow! You must give me next week’s winning lottery numbers, oh great seer! No, really. Give me those numbers! But seriously, I saw people crying over Trump’s inauguration on the news and I’m afraid I just don’t get it. I can understand why people don’t want a man like Trump as president, but I don’t understand why people would be so against it that they’d actually cry. Am I missing something? Serious question!

You can hypothesise about what might happen until your head falls off. You can read into stats that nobody truly has any idea where they came from. You can point the finger at those who don’t think the same things as you do. The fact is that you just don’t know what the hell is going to happen. Leaving Europe could be an amazing thing for Britain. Trump could do a really good job. Scotland might actually put Britain in a better position in the long run if it leaves. We just don’t know!

Here’s some further advice to add to my earlier suggestion. Just stop talking politics. Stop driving yourself crazy over something you can’t control. Concentrate on you and your life and make the best of it regardless of what changes might be coming. Your bellyaching isn’t going to make these stuffed shirts who don’t care about you suddenly sit up and go “You know what? They’re right!” Just get on with your day and stop letting what you can do literally nothing about (aside from the almighty vote) consume your mind and the precious time you have left on this planet.

Alternatively, disregard what I say and carry on letting all of this wind you up. Better yet, prove me wrong and hit me with all the stats and figures that are guaranteed to change my mind and make me choose a political party to throw my weight behind. Or the shouty ones amongst you could even drop me into your generalisations of people who think differently to you. Let’s see how much sleep I lose over it!

Politics. I’m still trying to think of something that bores me more…

Where do you stand on the subject of politics? Am I being ignorant to what is actually a very serious situation? Should I care more about these things? Or do you agree with me that people are getting far too involved? I want to hear your thoughts whether you agree with me or not so drop a comment below if you feel you have a point worth making.

Saw this shortly after writing up this post. Coincidental…?

35 thoughts on “Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Politiczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  1. You perfectly summed up my take on politics. All of it. I especially love the soapboxers that preach about what it’s like in other countries and how great their system is without actually going there and experiencing it for themselves. I am apprehensive to what Trump can do to my country, as I am with each new president.

    I could go further with this comment, but then we would get to see my own soapbox yelling, and frankly, I fucking hate politics and it isn’t worth the headache or the time it takes to write it out.

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    1. No, it really isn’t worth the stress that so many people feel as a result of it. Especially in light of how insignificant our input is as people. Afraid to say that anybody who thinks their input is in any way difference making are very much deluded

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  2. It’s very late here so I’m simply going to say: as someone who worked in politics for multiple years (in Canada), I whole heartedly disagree with the vast majority of this post. However, it was an interesting perspective for me as I’m mostly entangled with a very political crowd. So thanks for that 🙂

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    1. I’m not up on Canadian politics. Maybe things are less cutthroat there. But of course I would never expect people just to agree with everything or even anything I say. It’s just how I feel. I’m glad you’ve been forthright enough to say you don’t agree. Understandable given your working history 🙂

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  3. WTF is Bretix? That’s how political I am. I put up a fuss about Trump before it happened, but now it’s happened and there isn’t shit I can do but cross my fingers and hope he doesn’t get us nuked. I am sick of the whiners going on about stuff that is well and truely done. Suck it up people.
    Any who super post. Very passionate. I wish my ass looked like that! Lucky!!

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    1. Brexit is a play on words. Britain and exit, as in the exit from Europe which is very shortly inbound, though there seems to be a feeling that parliament will turn their back on the public vote on it, which would mean we’d actually remain in Europe. Then you’d see some serious shit hitting the fan over here! Well, you’d see people do a lot of moaning and maybe the odd riot, but they’d soon shut up when police stepped in.
      People seem to be very taken by that lady’s rear. It’s alright I suppose. Haha

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  4. I hate politics with all my guts. I don’t read blogs with political topics even blogs I visit so much.. my impression about politics and people interested in it, I believe are all liars and searching for a take home… Politics is the worst thing that has happened to humanity..Thanks for writing this post Paul..It helped to express my hateful views on it ..That’s why I never write about it even if I’m paid to do so😎

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    1. You’ve definitely earned yet more of my respect! It’s a complete sham. Something we’ve all been led to believe we can’t do without; that the world would fall apart if not for it when the truth is that it’s perhaps directly because of politics that the world has ended up as screwed as it is. They exploit the fact that people are too scared to think for themselves and profit from it on the sly. It’s all about feathering the nest

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      1. Yes Paul and thanks for sharing my views. Unfortunately they have succeeded in fooling humanity into accepting it as life savers execept for the few ones already aware, but what can we do? It’s sunk in so deep that it can’t be uprooted any more. But let’s see. The world hasn’t ended yet.

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      2. It does seem hopeless at times, but more people are becoming aware of the corruption. How much the people in charge and their friends are getting while the rest of the country are left to fight for scraps, but because we’re able to plunge ourselves into debt buying nice things we’re too blinded by aesthetic greed to notice that we’re getting screwed

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  5. Oh man, I appreciate that pic! 😉

    Anyway, your post was utterly AMAZING! I couldn’t agree more. Like you say, we waste time worrying and wondering, and making assumptions about what’s going to happen, what the consequences will be, etc. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t make any difference. Our lives aren’t governed by those in power, only to the extent that we feed into all this bullshit. Unless it afffects me personally, or threatens my friends or family, I want nothing at all to do with this nonsense. We can’t control what happens in this world, but we can control what happens in OUR immediate world.

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    1. Fucking A! Top of the class for you! I really don’t think I can elaborate more on what you said because it’s all bang on the money. Worry about what’s going on around you rather than shit you have no control over (even though they’ll swear blind you do)

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  6. WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME?! AHHHH! I agree with you particularly about politicians on the whole not caring about the common man… I’m maybe not quite as jaded as you about voting etc though I am starting to get a little more jaded as time goes by on that… definitely tired of randoms that think they know everything about politics especially when they spout off about stuff they’ve read on buzz feed or Facebook or whatever the fuck without even having the common sense to fact check themselves guuuuh… shutuuuuup

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    1. There’s my main issue, as stated in I think the second paragraph. People reading ONE story and then immediately believing that version of events without cross-checking any alternatives. The reason I’m so apolitical is because everything I read negates something else I read. Nothing makes any sense so that clearly states to me that the entire shebang is a fuck load of smoke and mirrors. Lies upon lies upon lies. And the only profiteers are the ones we vote in. We get nothing out of it because whatever they promise to give, they take away something else with their other hand. I think we’re all mugs for believing any of them have our best interests at heart. Like I say, why choose the best of a bad bunch? Why not just NOT choose? The vote is only deemed valuable because we were told it is and we all just believed it. As I said, if we could vote for ANYONE at all then there’d be value in a vote, but we can’t, so there is no value as far as I’m concerned

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      1. I do believe that positive changes have been made in the past based on actions from the common folk… like, ha! When we threw all your goddamned tea in the harbour! Lol 😂 but it definitely takes a long hard road and dedication to affect change and to cause leaders to care enough about their standing to change anything significantly in that respect and soapbox shouting and meme sharing and ignorance of facts certainly doesn’t do a damn thing

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      2. My tea? I can’t stand the shit. Do what you like with it! Haha. But events like the Boston Tea Party will never be seen in the first world again because people are too scared of losing all the little trinkets life provides nowadays. If they were more savvy, they might realise that all said trinkets are ways of shielding us from the truths that are out there in plain sight, but we’re too engrossed in our distractions to pay them the heed they deserve. Only once a change has been implemented and is thrown before the ignorant masses do they realise it’s happened and THEN kick up a stink about it when it could have been prevented had they done something beforehand

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      3. True true. I’m afraid that’s what’s pretty much been going on this year… With Trump and Brexit and all that… keyboard warriors may have made opinions known, but no one did these huge protests BEFOREHAND. Well, we had protestors over here before he was nominated, but not to the same scale… and *gasp!* no tea?! I… I … don’t think we can be besties after all, Mr Bailey… for reasons entirely unrelated to this … erm … I mean, fuck man! No tea??!!! WTF is this unnatural sin??? 😳

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  7. As a Limey Brit, I’m aiming this mainly at my countrymen and women. People who never uttered a syllable regarding politics and then suddenly became geniuses on the topic as soon as the vote to leave or stay in Europe came around. I can totally understand why the US presidential elections were/are such a big thing and why people might feel so aggrieved, however again I’ve seen some utter bile spewed by certain folk about that too. I stick by my guns as regards people investing emotions too heavily in politics and I think they overestimate their own influence on how things go. While there’s no law against having an opinion, I do think people could do with actually thinking before they spout their nonsense.
    I don’t vote and never will because I don’t trust any politician anywhere. I won’t invest in one liar because he/she is less of a bullshitter than the other guy. I’d sooner throw my weight behind nothing. If nobody voted then maybe there’d be a change in the way things worked, but then everybody is scared of change because the media makes it so. The good ol’ reliable media; hoodwinking the layman since the printing press became a thing!

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      1. Weird…her bum looks similar to mine too. Hahahaaa. So I’m going to assume you’re into men from what you said, though I don’t wish to be presumptuous. The annoying thing about that godforsaken meme is that Facebook has decided to display that image when I’ve shared it. So Facebook has chosen to display that image ahead of the title image and Facebook now might well give me a warning for displaying such content…

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      2. Well that can be summed up easily. If you voted to leave then you’re a racist. In voters were quite unanimous on that front. I suppose some were, but to make a statement as broad as “more than half of Britain is racist” is rather immature and quite a bit retarded!

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      3. They had a tough year. I didn’t. I said from the off I wasn’t going to vote as I saw no case put forth by either side that was worth my vote. I saw numerous reasons why I SHOULDN’T vote for either side though, so I duly didn’t vote. They both got their wish by that yardstick. Herbie sounds lovely. I’m sure he helped you relax nicely

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