Paul.E.Bailey’s World – I Want Your Blog!

Hello there followers and a Happy New Year to all!

This is going to be a very quick one and it’s a simple request.

I’ve been really struggling to keep up with everybody’s posts of late for a multitude of reasons, but I really want to catch up so this is me asking for your help.

If you have posted anything in the past couple of months that you especially want me to read and haven’t done already, please could you post links to them in the comments below? It will certainly make my reading life easier and streamline everything a bit.

Thank you in advance to those of you who do so and I look forward to reading your posts 🙂


22 thoughts on “Paul.E.Bailey’s World – I Want Your Blog!

  1. You mean you haven’t been reading every word I write the minute I put it down on screen???? haha. I don’t think I have anything lately worth linking, but when I get a gooder out there I will be sure to let you know.

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      1. No, it’s actually Chic (I Want Your Love). They’re my not so guilty pleasure in that they used to be a guilty pleasure, but now I’m not guilty about it at all because Chic were (or rather are) brilliant

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  2. Yay Blog Party! Whooop! Lol 😂 question is where was the last post of mine that you read?? Hmmmm… I’m thinking you need to devote a day to simply reading my ENTIRE BLOG. Every single post is a treat! …I swear! Lol nah, but I’ll think on it and get back to you with a few links, maybe older ones since you are generally caught up on my important more recent ones (I think?)

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