Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 7 (Blogging)

My structured style of posting has gone totally skew-whiff. I’ve done this on purpose in part as the rigmarole of coming up with themes for certain things was becoming somewhat tedious. I’ve decided to relax on that front and basically post what I want and when I feel like it.

I’d like to apologise to those I follow and whose posts I have always made sure to read, like and comment on up until lately. There is a good reason for it which I’ll explain now.

On 5th November began a journey that I honestly never believed would come upon me when my mum was admitted to hospital. She had a blockage in the tube connecting her liver and stomach. Not too long later we found out the problem could be cancer. Shortly after that, we found out the problem was cancer.

She got moved to another hospital for specialists to take a proper look. The prognosis wasn’t good. EDT said the tumour was inoperable owing to its location. They said chemotherapy would be the only option in hoping it would reduce the size of the tumour and hopefully make it operable, but the chances were slim.

Then a surgeon, Professor Ajith Siriwardena, took a look at the situation and it once again changed overnight. He declared the tumour was in fact operable and that he was prepared to give it a go. On the 14th December, my mum was admitted to Manchester Royal Hospital and the operation took place on 15th. Nine hours of surgery and the Sri Lanka born professor managed to get the operation done.

Since then she has been recovering. Four days on the High Dependency Unit and she is now recuperating on the main ward. She’s been there over Christmas and I know that it has been killing her, just as it’s been killing my dad (who’s been there every day and for every single visiting period without fail), my sisters (one of whom went on her honeymoon during all of this – she wasn’t going to, but Professor Siriwardena himself told her she should) and all of her grandchildren.

The perspective is this; surrender one Christmas for the sake of many more or vice versa. There was only ever one choice.

As you can imagine, this situation has been weighing heavily on my mind and has been the cause of a lot of mental fatigue. Honestly, keeping up with my blogging has been difficult. I basically had a choice; use the little time I was able to concentrate reading everybody’s posts or use it to write myself. It had to be the latter.

So that explains why I haven’t been so active in terms of keeping up with everybody’s material. The reason I haven’t just clicked on them and liked them upon reading the email is simple. I want to read your stuff! I fully intend to catch up as soon as I get the chance.

I’m not a fan of ‘like for like’. I know we all do it, but I think it pays to read other people’s work because you can learn from it by doing so. I know there are people who’ll just blindly like my posts and I do appreciate it, but I appreciate those who read and comment so much more. I won’t become that person who just likes for likings sake in the vain hope the person will like my stuff back. I want to read and enjoy the things people have to write about and I want the same in return.

I have really enjoyed blogging. A lot more than I thought I would actually. I started Paul.E.Bailey’s World a little over four months ago and I feel I’ve kept true to my word in making the posts as varied as possible. It’s tested my abilities as a writer and I think I’ve done a decent job. I feel

However, I must say the blogging world in general is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth on occasion. It seems to me that there are some who are using WordPress as just another means of social networking. I’m seeing an awful lot of meme posting without any written words to accompany them that manage to accrue an amount of likes I could only wish for on my posts. A meme you’d likely see posted on Facebook. Then there are the poems that contain maybe thirty words, don’t rhyme and come across as plain pretentious. Same again; more likes than they could possibly dream of.

I don’t have a problem with poetry; I’d just like to make that clear. Some of it is really, really good. I can’t help feeling that some of it, notably the shorter ones that obviously took less than a minute to type and really took no thought at all, is essentially the poster whoring themselves for likes. They know that followers will see how short and sweet it is and immediately go and stick a like on it. The likers don’t have to think about doing it because they don’t have to think about the words that took ten seconds to read.

I might sound bitter here and I suppose I am, but I feel I have just cause to be. Almost every post I ever shared here on WordPress was worked on intently and often over the course of days with edits and reedits along the way as I vied to make each one perfect. I put a lot of work and effort into my writing. I take it seriously. I have to because I want to make a livelihood of it. Finally, a job I actually enjoy doing rather than performing menial tasks for menial money.

Then I post it and invariably watch as a select few followers take the time to read and/or like my work. I’m grateful for every view, like and comment I receive. Then I see a meme with an inspirational quote on it; a quote that the poster didn’t actually create; a quote borrowed from somebody else. I see that the meme has about ten times or more the likes that even my best performing posts manage to accrue and it leaves me feeling so disheartened!

I bust my proverbial arse to compose a piece of writing and work to make it as flawless as possible only to see it get shunned in favour of a generic meme from another blogger. As a man who already suffers where confidence is concerned anyway, this kind of thing really doesn’t help at all.

I thought WordPress was for bloggers; people who have a desire for artistic expression, mainly through the written word. Is it that Generation Facebook has snuck into our world or is it that certain bloggers have started to become lazy? I’m not sure. All I know is that I really don’t appreciate that Meme City has now spread to WordPress from all the other social media sites. I thought this place was my escape from that level of mundanity. I guess not.

On Facebook, I’m fighting a war against people who post memes all the time. I’m lucky if posts about my blog get more than a couple of likes and shares while memes that aren’t funny, intelligent or interesting are treated like internet royalty. It seems I can’t beat the meme regardless of where I go. I refuse to break to the mind-set of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ though. I think memes are stupid things and another step towards lowering the IQ of the masses.

I’m going to try and appeal to those of you who are reading this now. Let’s try and make WordPress about what it should be about. Let’s stop catering the ego of the lazy meme posters in this world where writing should be the higher power. Let’s stop making it easy for those who can’t be bothered to read proper posts that have taken us time and effort to work on. Keep the memes for Facebook and Instagram. If you must drop one as a supplement to your work then so be it, but don’t make the meme that contains a quote from somebody else the work itself. Have some more pride in yourself; both the poster and the one liking the post.

WordPress is for writers and readers. Let’s all be what we came here to be!

Tell me about your blogging experience and what your thoughts, joys and frustrations are. Are you a WordPress meme poster who feels I’m perhaps being harsh? Do any of you agree that memes are best left for sites like Facebook and Instagram? Are you like me and prefer to read a post before liking it or are you happy just to show your support regardless? I’m very interested to hear what my fellow bloggers feelings are on this matter so please drop your comments below.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ajith Siriwardena for saving my mum’s life. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift!

60 thoughts on “Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 7 (Blogging)

  1. You do not need to apologise to anyone Paul. The people you have touched through your blogs all understand daily and personal struggles experienced by others. Everyone here is rooting for your mum, we know she is a fighter ( she raised you so she has to be lol ), we are all in your corner.

    The rest of the blog makes interesting reading and certainly given me lots to think about.

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    1. It’s expressly because she raised me that I know she’s arguably the toughest woman on the planet! Haha. She’s shown tremendous bravery in her continuing recovery, but I am literally not surprised by that at all. The road is long, but she’s ran marathons (literally) so no road, regardless of length, can stop her!
      As ever, I’m glad I’ve been able to get your cogs turning bud


      1. You’ve been a massive help where my mum is concerned. I’ve spoken about you with her and I know she too appreciates your input and advice.
        As always, I’ll endeavour to keep people thinking and, more importantly, entertained


    1. Thank you 🙂 She’s a long way to go yet, but she’s tough as nails so I know she’ll fight her way through.
      And I’m glad you and so many others agree with me. I think the consensus of us agree that type of thing belongs on Facebook and the like

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  2. so i found this through summershines, and im going to be a rebel and not wholeheartedly agree with what you & she said.

    i totally get where everyone is coming from, but i have a different perspective for myself. i write a blog to write, like an outlet, and less like a …thing i expect to become popular or long to become popular. i write because i find it helpful for me as a person, and if people read it, great, but if they dont, great. i write giant blocks of text, mostly, and often include music but rarely pictures and i think i used a gif once (in multiple years). it is definitely a journal on a blogging platform as much as a blog. so despite similarities in subject matter/some content between myself and someone like summershines, our goals are very different. in other words, i get that this subject would be much more frustrating for you guys than myself, so take my opinions with a grain of salt, but im sharing them anyway.

    i understand that its frustrating to feel like youve crafted something that is being ignored in favour of something less thoughtful/well presented but i also think everyone has a right to express themselves however they so choose; thats the point of a personal blog to me. if its not your thing… simply ignore and move on? im not sure i get why there is a need to compare the thoughtfully written blogs to people who just post shit they like or find funny. the blogs would be aimed at completely different audiences; the only common factor would be the likes and comments sections. i feel like the sentiment that as a culture we seem to have moved away from wanting to read and interact with people in thoughtful engaging manner, which is frustrating and disappointing, to be true. especially when what we seem to have chosen is a relatively shallow form of communication. but im not getting that discussion out of this post, so much as the seeming implication that one type of blog is worthy of likes/comments and one is not. i find that statement more problematic.

    that being said, i think actual writing is what separates wordpress from tumblr, so it is a bit strange/unfortunate to see that cross over.

    looking forward to reading some of your previous posts 🙂

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    1. shit, in all that i forgot to say im happy your mother is doing well! my father also has cancer so i can relate to the stress and pain of watching someone you love be ill. glad you found such a capable doctor!

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      1. He actually found us. The joys of the NHS! Haha. I’m really sorry about you father. I hope there’s a good outcome to that. Cancer is a horrible thing. It doesn’t care who it hurts 😦


    2. Really appreciate your response and the time you put into it.
      As what I say is a matter of opinion, it would be very shortsighted of me to say yours is wrong because there is no right or wrong, only personal feelings.
      You raised some good points. I think you’re definitely right on the point that it’s not really any of our business who posts what and people like me shouldn’t feel as though I have more right to be here than anybody regardless of what they post. I don’t actually feel that way, but I can appreciate how it will have seemed that way.
      I definitely feel that there are more than enough social networking platforms for people to post memes so my frustrations in that particular regard are justified, but it is just an opinion that they shouldn’t be doing it here. It certainly isn’t something I expect anybody to adhere to. You’re quite right; I could very easily stop following the people who post memes. Problem solved.
      I have up until this post just got on with my WordPress life, but once I get the bit between my teeth then I always feel letting it out is better for the soul than stewing on it. That’s what this was; an outpouring of frustration. Thinking out loud, so to speak.
      I am glad you’ve put forth a different perspective as it’s got me thinking about the situation in a different light. I’m glad also that you did so in a diplomatic way too. Thank you 🙂
      Also thank you for wishing my mum well. That kind of explains my frustrations of late. I’m usually much more passive


      1. I totally get venting on a blog, haha. I figured you mostly just need to talk about something that annoys you (which is completely valid), but since you asked for commentary I figured I’d join in! I do also have to admit that at the time this was the only thing by you I had read, so I didn’t have the insight into your writing that other commenters had. perhaps I would have read it with a different tone if I had poked around a bit first.

        Thanks for the discussion! It’s a topic I honestly hadn’t thought that much about until this post.

        Happy new year!

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      2. Don’t worry about that. I enjoyed reading it from another perspective. I’m nothing if not reasonable and up for debates. Open-mindedness is a virtue, though Tim Minchin did advise us that if you open your mind too much your brain will fall out (love that quote; hilarious).
        I’m glad you were intrigued enough to read through my crap 🙂 I’ll be sure to return the favour and have a look through your posts as soon as I get the chance to. I have about a million posts to catch up with. Haven’t had a chance to read much while I’ve been busy with hospital visits and such.
        All the best to you and I hope you have a nice time celebrating. I’ve got the champagne on standby 😉


  3. I’m so happy to hear your mom continues to do well, an amazing Christmas gift indeed. 🤗
    I read every post before I like. Its cheating otherwise. I also try to never like a post with no original content, it doesn’t take that much efffort to write your ideas or opinions down. They might be shit, but their original.
    What I’ve recently been getting are people who are using their blogs for advertisements disguised as posts. I hate it. It makes me feel tricked.

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    1. Yes, I’m exactly the same. I want to read people’s posts. I really don’t see the benefit in just liking for the sake of it. And like you, I’m after originality and a good read. I don’t give a monkeys chuff if it isn’t grammatically perfect or there are spelling errors. I want to be entertained. I want the writing to do a Maximus Decimus Meridius impression at me!

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  4. Reblogged this on summer SHINES and commented:
    This post got under my skin. I read it a while ago and had to reblog as I agree with this. There is a lot of LAZY talentless blogging out there on WordPress. The only talent some bloggers have amounts to the ability to add blog links or copy and paste the words of others. ‘Likes’ are casually clicked by bloggers who are lazy about reading and only wish to read very short posts because they have limited attention spans. Please guys, remember that blogging is about writing and originality. I put a lot of creative and emotional energy into my writing and it is frustrating when lesser equipped lesser interesting people become popular merely for sharing stuff that was created by other people. This post also is poignant as it refers to my friend’s recent stress over a Mum who is battling cancer. It’s not a short post, but it’s interesting, thought provoking and I’m interested to know what your opinions are when you read 🎉🎉🎉 I’m bracing myself for blogger fireworks here 🎆😆😇

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  5. Hear hear!! I’ve got a lot to say on this one.

    Firstly, I am VERY pleased to have stumbled across your blog. It only took reading one post (although I read more) to know I wanted to follow. And not in a baseless follow-for-follow way either.

    Secondly, I am very sorry to hear of your mom’s cancer. You’re a stranger, but please know she is in people’s thoughts from the other side of the world.

    Thirdly, regarding the degradation of WordPress culture, I do believe you must have got inside my head and taken the words right out of my mouth. I wrote a similar piece on my blog about a year ago. I can’t recall exactly when I published it, but it was called “Weblog: Remember that word?” if you care to read further thoughts on the matter. In addition to saying basically what you said here, one of my other laments about the state of blogging was that many fashion and lifestyle “blogs” are now essentially Instagram accounts. Nothing but fluffy photos, with the only words being the likes of “click here to buy this jumper.” I consider myself a lifestyle blogger in the true sense of the word: I play a video game and blog about it, I read a book and blog about it, I have deep questions about life and blog about it, I throw a party and blog about it. It’s true that I love fashion and pretty photographs, so I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the idea of a blog centered around those topics. But to me it is a degradation of the state of blogging when photographs (or memes, as in the case of what you encounter in your feed) overtake the art of the wordsmith.

    I could continue adding to this comment, but perhaps I ought just to post about it instead and link to your original post!

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    1. You just made a friend, never mind a follower 😉 Brilliantly put. I will definitely hunt down the post you mentioned as soon as I get five minutes. Very interested to read what your thoughts are on it all. It certainly is degrading those of us who have things to actually blog about. And when I say blog I mean type some bloody words! I’m seeing far too much Facebook style stuff going on here on WordPress and it’s really disconcerting given as I came here to get away from it all. The fact that these posts are gaining more popularity than those of us who are actually writing makes my blood boil. If they want Facebook style posts then why not stay on Facebook?
      Thank you for wishing my mum well. That honestly means a lot. Also big thanks for the follow on here and on my Facebook page. If you have a page of your own please link me up 🙂

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      1. Huzzah for new blog friends! To avoid you having to hunt down my old post, I just found it:

        Your post today adds so much more to what I wrote a year ago. When I wrote it last year, I hadn’t even considered discussing the frustrating injustice of traffic going inordinately to recirculated memes rather than posts that took a lot of time and effort to write. You’re absolutely right though – it reminds me a bit of the film Idiocracy. If you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend it. Be warned though, while it was originally produced as a comedy, elements of it are starting to hit a little too close to home.

        You are welcome for the follows! They are clearly well earned. Speaking of Facebook, I actually just revamped my site’s FB page yesterday. I think the FB handle is @mosaiccablog.

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      2. It was a great read and no doubt you’ve seen my comment. I think our two posts supplement each other nicely. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s frustrated by it all. It makes me feel vindicated in my beliefs. Haha. The sad thing is that it’s probably only going to get worse from this juncture onwards.
        Found your page and liked it. I fully intend to read through your stuff in due course too

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      1. Or chlamydia! 😂😂 and you are very welcome, sir! I feel like I need a cutesie name for you too… since you like to call me Rae Rae on occasion… how do I do that with “Paul”?? All I can think of is “Paulie” sounds awful gangster and not as cute… hmmmm…. my go to cutie pie nickname of “Snuggle Bunches of Oats” seems a bit of overkill 😂😂😂😂

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      2. Lol I know! I saw that in friends too 😂 Well it started at some point me or one of my sisters called someone or something (likely the cat) “Snuggle Bunches” and that morphed relatively quickly because of the cereal called “Honey Bunches of Oats” 😂 soooo only a little random??? LMAO… I’ll come up with something… unless you wanna be Snuggle Bunches!! Haaaahaha… likely I’ll try a few out on ya, see what sticks 😉😂

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      3. I think nicknames like ‘cancerous testicle’ probably suit me best. Or ‘Cap’n Cuntflap’. A nickname that’ll amuse me and is insulting in some way always works best. Haha.
        Never heard of that cereal. It sounds tasty though

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      4. Certainly ‘Twatwaffle,’ I’ll do what I can to come up with a good one! Tell me if I hit on one you particularly prefer 😂 it is a pretty good cereal… haven’t had it in ages… might have to go get me some soon…

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      5. I have every right. You guys get the best of everything over there. The fun went out of everything over here when it was declared that E numbers were the devil incarnate


      6. Oooooh myyyy… well… if you insist… I suppose I could Tea-bag you over it. That’s what you get for your bitching! Haha!! 😳 Yeah I hear ya… would totes send you something overly sugary and fatty and gross if I could!


  6. Well done you for expressing a lot of what I myself believe. I must say, I do use memes quite a bit, as I think they add visual interest and variety, to break up the wordiness of a post. Out attention spans have sadly become more limited. I think memes can enhance the impact of a post. However, like you I agree that posts that solely contain quotations or pictures with no original writing in them do SUCK and I choose not to follow those types of bloggers. They are more lifestyle blogs, selling a brand, rather than originating from the person. A lot of blog material is casually tossed out, I definitely believe that. It is evident Paul how much time you spend on your writing. Your type of writing is effortful, and I always appreciate reading it. You are seriously talented. 🙆 I only avoid Zombie stuff 🙈🙈😂 I include photos memes and gifs, because I am an emotional writer and sometimes words aren’t enough to convey that. My posts are rich in written content and original ideas too though, which is why I think people like it, because it’s not the blandest thing on the menu! I’m sorry you’re frustrated. Maybe your effort should be more on just getting these books in your head edited and written? Keep your chin up Hun. Do your thing 😊

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    1. I wholly advocate memes, GIFs and photos as a supplement. I’ve used such stuff myself. They help reinforce points made. But when the post, here on WordPress which is allegedly a site for writers, is nothing more than a meme then it gets my hackles up. Not just because they posted it, but because people are favouring it over posts that others have actually put some effort into. We’re the ones who should be getting countless hits and likes, Sumani; not the meme posters. Not the people who write pretentious three line poems that don’t rhyme and make no fucking sense.
      I have no intention of stopping doing what I’m doing. I enjoy it too much. It’s my therapy. I just needed to get this rant out there. I felt it was necessary. Only those who are doing the meme posting will be offended so it’s no skin off my conk. I’m presenting them an opportunity to explain why what they do is right and why I’m wrong. It’s up to them if they take it. And on that note, I think I’m going to write awhile 😊 xxx

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      1. Totally agreed. I get sick of the six line stories too 🙄 I doubt you’ll get that type of blogger taking up this opportunity to explain themselves, because they don’t know how to write 😂😆😂 Haha. That’s maybe unfair, but if they do know how to write they’re just not showcasing it are they 😫 There’s nowt as queer as folk, and anyone can set up a WordPress blog so you’re gonna get the Facebook generation posting as well.😤 I often don’t understand what makes people like a post…what the weird rules are, cause some rubbish gets very extensively liked.*shakes head*

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      2. Well I have a few fairly famous friends on Facebook (DJ’s mainly) and they could literally post any old shit and the sycophants lap it up. It’s cringeworthy and pathetic! The arse licking comments they leave are vomit inducing. I think it’s perhaps something of the same on here, but on here people think they’re immediately deep as fuck because they have a blog. My 22 month old son who talks gobbledegook has mote depth than they do! It’s a shame because I like WordPress, but everything has to have those select few ruining the experience.
        I follow somebody called Simona on here and she posts memes, but they’re literally all self made. I can live with that. At least she’s displaying creativity. They’re all in Italian too and Italian is about the sexiest language on earth. Haha.
        I like to break the status quo and rarely like obvious shit, even if I actually do like it. It’s so obvious that it doesn’t deserve my like, if you get what I mean xxx

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      3. Yeah I do get what you mean, totally. I laughed out loud when you say WordPress blogging makes people feel immediately deep as fuck 😂 I’m laughing because it’s true. We’re becoming very elitist aren’t we-you and me 😂

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      4. We are most snobby, wot! Haha. People probably do see it as elitist, but I see it as bloggers who came here to use a blogging site for blogging, not an extension to Facefuck. If they’re allowed to mistreat WordPress then surely we’re allowed to call them out in it xxx

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